French 77 by Puma

Inspiration always comes from better times and the most aided in these days are the last decades of the 20th century. This time is the turn of the 70’s innabarcables, starting point that Puma has taken to create a vintage collection with ultra-elegantes pieces that are the perfect contrast between the sportswear and daily use.

Guillermo Vilas, Udo Kier and Giacomo Agostini are the people rescued by the firm to be the new icons of the season in this collection. We can say that the style of Vilas in ‘ 77 when I won Roland Garros inspired a collection where the white, pink and green are the colors of the Central. Very associated with the white sport and Puma, which is consolidated in their designs and general taste.

Some famous already have been caught buying garments in the collection whose first part went on sale this month: the soccer star Fredik Ljungberg, the British singer Lemar or the model Leah Wood (daughter of Ron Wood, Member of the Rolling Stones).

According to CLOTHINGEXPRESS, halter, tennis skirts, t-shirts cut bikinis with lines to the shoulders and dresses word of honor for them. For them the typical short and tight, bathing suits as well as jerseys with a completely retro cut games.

Advertising photos, taken in Monte Carlo, remember the taste of the 70’s in each shot, but reinvented for modern times. The three ambassadors of the firm have been portrayed by enjoying the yachts, cruisers and the monegazcas streets accompanied by beauties such as Theodora Richards, Lizzie Jagger and Lydia Hearst.

I love the spontaneity and the vintage, so will be one of my must-have’s for the summer.