Franc Sarabia Wedding Gown Collection

The vestments of the new Franc Sarabia 2015 collection follow the trends of the fashion season and are well suited to different occasions. Minidress by the models in long evening, the Seville brand has a wide variety to ‘invited, with a range of very varied and original colors.Spearhead for the collection? The hat, very chic and retro feel, a dear habit to British world now appreciated worldwide. The Spanish fashion house unveils thirty new sophisticated models and all new, it’s up to you to choose yours.

The wedding colors according Franc Sarabia

To take better decisions as ceremonial dress to wear, you must first know the brand and its characteristics. Follow us in this brief overview ofvestments Franc Sarabia and we will help you to clarify your ideas. Let’s start with color, a fundamental element for a first screening. As it demonstrated with formalwear Pronovias, the trend of the year is given by the variety of colors and, in fact, the Spanish brand offers a really wide palette, suitable for all types of complexion. WATCH THE WEDDING CEREMONY PRONOVIAS 2016

Much appreciated for the 2015 season the blue in all its shades, from dark blue to blue fuel, up to more flamboyant turquoise. Select the first two for a evening ceremony elegant and the third for less formal occasion. The blue goes well with light complexions but also with those who have a sallow complexion; in short, it is an evergreen that can solve your research. Another timeless color, but a bit ‘risky, the red, recommended for those who know how to bring a tint so striking with extreme elegance. Declined in different models, it can adjust to an elegant ceremony in the long or receipt day, with nuances tending to purple. Other colors Franc Sarabia 2015 are purple, powder pink and gold, more than the original blue and red, but extremely sophisticated in the models presented. Gold is not recommended to those who have too light complexion, as well as powder pink, more suitable for dark, olive skin.

Cuts and trendy accessories

Once you’ve chosen the color that gives you, consider the type of ceremony that you will have to participate and choose the model that suits your forms. Franc Sarabia for the bride is known for large models and romantic, with long skirts and chic corsages in the same way, the 2015 wedding collection offers classic cuts in long and suits bon ton, renewing the lines with modern and original touches of style.


The silk of the models lends itself well to draw the best feminine silhouette, with sensual adhesions along the sides and on the décolleté, made ​​even more chic embroidery and delicate lace. Each model comes complete with accessories, including notice beautiful long coats, boleros and chic jackets, gaudy but very stylish manner. Cheeky accessory, the hair, much like the British headdress with floral applications, to wear to complete the hairstyle with a touch of extra color, to match the dress.