Fashionable Plus Size Clothing

Day, we talked with a friend who had put silicone prostheses. Lady of style and secure your way of dressing, was suddenly lost. Yes. Even not exaggerated the amount, placing a prosthesis that can be considered standard, namely, of medium size, began to find his clothes all wrong and feel your clothes out of context. I had impression that was clumsy with everything, with any part that was wearing. And began to curse the minute in which I wanted to put the prosthesis.

Why are we writing about it? As “chest” is common in Brazil – and here we are not defending the question, just noting, see?! -, we know a lot of people who lived the same as our friend and we decided to write a column for those who, from 1 hour to another, he realized that, after surgery, no longer wears so well the clothes they wore. What to do?! Observe details that will add value to the new body, playing add and decrease in arithmetic fashion – what can be something fun, right right?

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For those who have large breasts, any detail can be essential when choosing the top of clothing, starting with the raw materials. Yes. The fabrics make a lot of difference. The more smooth and plans, the better. That is, tricôs of large points, jacquards, tweeds and other cloths or looms which cause extra volume or the impression should be avoided or become restricted to bottoms of combinations. The same goes for the patterns. If you realize you don’t dress well, let go of all that is too flashy, preferring always dark backgrounds or closed tone with finer, more delicate strokes. Fact: showy prints tend to enlarge the silhouette.

Another fundamental point? The necklines. All that is closed leave the visual heavier. For women with big breasts who wish to balance the proportions, the most suitable are the elongated necklines, those who deviate the neckline, like V, U or style shirt (shirts are great friends, especially if used with some buds open). The flip side of the cleavage, the lapels deserve attention: always thin, since the wide horizontalizam the region, extending the silhouette. The same goes for abotoamentos: run of doubles. The simple discrete buttons are ideal.

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And think of all the effects that verticalizam the silhouette, since seams, stitching and cut-outs to stripes and other designs: everything must be vertical. Oh! And leave aside many molds large, heavy jewelry, details and effects with (or reverse) volume, see ruffles, pockets, big boys, pursed, draped, embroidery. The more minimalist cut, the better, especially if it is dry, skirting the breasts and adjusting slightly on the waist and abdomen. That will enhance your body and make your more elegant.