Fashion Stripes 2016 Summer

Hello girls! Do you still remember the black and white stripes last year? Now they are back! This trend was launched by Marc Jacobs and returned fever worldwide! There was a joke among the fashionistas, the call of Beetlejuice. Set aside the kidding, the stripes are always a classic. Now they come back again, with various colors and different formats. Check here the main models and tips on how to use!

Vertical and horizontal stripes

No matter what fashion dictates, there are certain things that you should avoid. For example, thin vertical stripes lengthen the silhouette, while the horizontal stripes give an impression of getting fat, even they are thick stripes. So people who are more chubby and short should prefer the thin vertical stripes.

Navy style

The navy style also remains steadfast and strong. It’s a classic created and immortalized by Coco Chanel, which is inspired by sailors. The navy is used commonly on shirts, dresses, shorts and pantaloons, usually in navy blue, white and red.

Mix of prints

The stripes look great in the mix with prints or polka-dot pattern. The flowers are also often used with stripe.

Multicoloured stripes

The stripes represent the summer! If you wear a garment which is colorful and funny, then it will make you much modern and young. Just be careful not to exaggerate the dose, especially in the total set of stripes! When you are hesitant, you can choose a colored piece and combine it with one of neutral colors.

Accessories and furniture

Fashion is not limited in clothing any more; it also comes to the accessories and furniture. Bags, belts and shoes of stripes are the ones of the fashionistas. And stripes also appear in chairs, sofas, mugs and everything you can imagine!