Fashion on The Street: at Turns (New) with The Broken of The Cowboys

Posted by admin on July 5, 2017

The other day he was shopping in Zara my girlfriend and his reaction to the Cowboys already had expected it: almost all broken! Thus each x time, even more so when summer comes and jeans shorts become the garment that you could get at home with a good pair of scissors and a pair of jeans that you do not use. Fashion on the street knows what kind of broken pick and I yes I like.

A masculine touch

As in all garment, there are many ways to combine it. In this case the broken jeans long and I’ll stick with the male style, that term so worn as “boyfriend jeans“, that we are cool the anglicisms. I like the first look of Jenn because it is very casual and comfortable, stylish. Just like this from Lucy B Zara with the proviso that the the broken they are minimal.

An idea with a greater number of broken is that we see in the look of Zoe S., who incorporates the yellow fluor, which we already know its current term.

In one way or another, less broken or broken: low returned, without this little history.

More tight lines

The alternative to this theft from the masculine wardrobe goes through a tighter cowboy, skinny either or straight but not one so large model. Hedvig Opshaug leave us your choice that combines with a shirt of COS, Zara shoes and Celine bag.

Even for a more festive touch this option serves as. Ross van Dorsten It shows with tasteful reiterating the commitment by the yellow as well as a necklace which I quite like, and whose style I’ve seen repeatedly in recent weeks.

For the street every day, and no more, a mixture between t-shirt and jeans frayed, even though this type of broken like me less, the prefieros with threads and better partitioned, even so the whole of Christine R Not bad.

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