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The Forbes billionaires list It is better to not see it too long for mental health, or if the same like masochism Yes. It can take out multiple ideas, among them see which sectors are those who dominate within an exclusive top. The the fashion world is one of the most beneficial to achieving two multi-million dollar positions within the top 10, one by Amancio Ortega and another by Bernard Arnault and his family. Inditex in three and LVMH in 10. If we also have to L’ Oréal in relation to fashion and beauty with Liliane Bettencourt and her family in ninth place, we would talk about three of ten. But these names are not the only ones to appear. Attentive.

The family of low cost: Inditex and H & M (with site to handle)

Inditex It does an amazing third place, by placing your current Advisor and founder Amancio Ortega as the third richest man of the world. In addition, Rosalía Mera partner and former spouse of Ortega enters the list of the richest in the world in the post 19 women with a wealth estimated at lathe to the 6.1 billion dollars, in the 195 post the complete list. At this time it is considered Spain’s richest woman.

It would not be surprising that in a few years, Pablo island is the third name that Inditex position on this list. Right now, Pablo island is already considered one of the best CEOs in the world by Barron’s magazine. In addition to being the highest-paid Executive of Spain in 2011 with 20 million euros. Curious also little that is talked about what Pablo Isla in these years as Chairman of Inditex. He continues in the shadow the same action as Amancio Ortega years earlier.

Stefan Persson, H & M.

On the part of H & M the top 10 is close, although Stefan Persson, Company President stays at the gates with a twelve since thanks to their 28 billion fortune calculated by Forbes. H & M continues to be the main rival of H & M in some of the sectors between brands and the only textile company with business figures as high as the Spanish company. Stefan Persson is the son of Erling Persson, founder of Hennes & Mauritz in 1947. Liselott Persson is in the post 346 with 3.9 billion heritage.

Jonathan Andic and Isak Andic, Mango.

From afar we see to Mango with a post 248 from Isak Andic and his family with 5 billion dollars Fortune. Close to them and also with a business focus on low cost, Forever 21, with Jin Sook and Do Won Chang with 4.5 billion Fortuna.

The world of luxury has billionaires

Bernard Arnault, LVMH.

The world of luxury is going to aimed at people with higher incomes, not surprised to see some of the main representatives of such enterprises lead several of the lists, but it is curious to see some names and not others.

Bernard Arnault It is the tenth billionaire Forbes now with a capital of 29 billion dollars. The President and the family closed the top 10 thanks to its position in LVMH, a company that we have already seen how is immune to any time of crisis.

François Pinault, PPR.

It is surprising not to find his counterpart François Pinault in PPR until the post 53, already out of the top 50 official and with a fortune valued at winch a $ 15 billion.

Miuccia Prada, Prada.

Among major firms outside holdings with Miuccia Prada in the post 78 and in ninth place on the list of women with $ 12.4 billion of wealth. Patrizio Bertelli, CEO of Prada, is ranked 175 with 6.7 billion dollars of Fortune.

Gerard and Alain Wertheimer, Chanel.

Ranked 145 see to Alain and Gerard Wertheimer After Chanel with a wealth of 8 billion dollars. The grandsons of Pierre Wertheimer, who co-finance with Coco Chanel Chanel perfumes, are those who are now in charge of the business.

Earlier, in the post 131 see to Giorgio Armani with $ 8.5 billion. Ralph Lauren It appears in the post with 7 billion Fortune 166.

New billionaires of fashion

Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce, Dolce & Gabbana.

As if the All Star of the NBA Finals is, on the Forbes list are also the rookies of the year, i.e. new billionaires that come for the first time into the select club of the 1,000 richest people in the world. Among the names that have drawn me the attention of the fashion world more I stay with the couple Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

While the Italian justice is waiting to judge both designers for possible tax evasion (500 million dollars in taxes and more than 1 billion in royalties to sell his company in 2004), both sneak into the list in the post 736 with a fortune valued at 2 billion dollars per head.

Renzo Rosso, Diesel Jeans.

Renzo Rosso, the Italian businessman after Diesel Jeans Enter the post 458 with a rise in sales by its brand reaching $ 2,000 million in 2012. It also has other brands such as Maison Martin Margiela, Viktor & Rolf and recently Marni. A fortune valued at 3 billion $ This place is worth it.

Tory Burch.

Among the new faces of the billionaires we see to Tory Burch with a fortune of billion again, driven by the growth of his own firm, which is now valued at three billion dollars. Sara Blakely is responsible for the belts Spanx and it is also another of the new multi-million dollar share the post 1.342 with Tory Burch. Any invention has a site on this list.

Michael Kors.

Michael Kors It is one of the future names of fashion that we could see in brief for this list of new billionaires. The American designer is close to this privileged status. By ‘scarce’ $ 50 million not reached the thousand barrier.

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