Fashion Autumn Winter – Opportunity to Find Modest Clothing

Every year the fashion industry introduces at least 2 types of clothes – fashion spring-summer and autumn-winter fashion.

It is common that we have a lot of trouble finding decent clothes that meet the requirements of modesty. So we’d like to leave a special tip for women who feel this difficulty.

The autumn-winter fashion usually features decent models, and can be used throughout the year, and not only in those seasons. Clothes with mango and good length are easily found during this period. An important tip is away from fads (chess, Ruffles, among others) that tend to suffer major changes from one year to the next.

“Christians should not bother to become object of strangeness by dressing differently from the world. But if, in harmony with your faith and duty in relation to your modest costume and healthy, they come out, shouldn’t change your way of dressing to be similar to the world. Must, however, express a noble independence and moral courage to be correct, even though everyone of them differ according to PicktrueIf the world to introduce a modest clothing fashion, convenient and healthy, that is according to the Bible, it’s not going to change our relationship with God or with the world, we adopt this clothing fashion. Should Christians follow Christ, conforming your costume with the word of God. Must escape the extremes. Should humbly follow a rectilinear procedure, independent of applause or censorship, and should cling to what is right, by simple merits of law. “ Selected messages, vol. 2, p. 476, and 477