Fall / Winter Shoes 2012: Trends

Summer is not over, but the big brands are already launching their collections for the winter of this year. That’s why the smart women who like to dress according to the latest trends of fashion need to stay connected in the news that will warm the cold days to come.

Fall Winter Shoes 2012 Trends


In addition to the right clothes, the accessories are essential to show personality and style in the composition of a look and the shoes fulfill this task well.

This season’s footwear abuses the heel , be it thin, anabela or half-paw. Among the most prominent models are the peep toe, the ankle boots and the classic scarpin and moccasin .

Red, gold and blue should add a little more color to winter, as well as different textures and fabrics such as glitter, sequins, suede, velvet and animal prints , making basic looks special without many efforts.

We separate the highlights between the fall / winter season shoes, check out the models that will make the woman’s head – and feet – in 2012.

What’s new

With the proposal of finishing a basic look with a more urban and casual style, the women’s coats were highlighted in the winter collections of great brands and gained textures and details that give more sophisticated airs to the model. In addition to being very comfortable, the coturnos make up a young and unpretentious look.

For the more daring, the high-heeled boots should be placed at the top of the wish list. Widely used in the fall / winter parades, these boots give a fetishistic and sensual air, having models that go to the middle of the thigh.

Another new feature is the boots inspired by hiking boots , the rustic hiking boots, with rubber soles and thick shoelaces. In this new version, the hiking boots win more feminine and sophisticated models, but without leaving aside the references of their inspiration.

The basic ones will like the slippers , a more modern relative of the moccasins. Very comfortable, slippers have been gaining more and more space among international fashionistas and is a great promise for the winter in Brazil.

Models that are still high

The ankle boots  quickly earned its place in the fashion world, keeping in evidence since emerged. In a blend of high-heeled shoe and low-rise boot, this model stood out for its elegance and versatility, with peep-toe and fine-tipped versions. This season the ankle boots gain more creativity, glitter, strong colors and different textures such as suede and croco.

Between the boots, the mount style are the best option for those who like to dress well without leaving practicality and comfort aside. These models gained prominence last year and should continue in store windows this year as well.

Returning models

Good news for anyone who did not get rid of their thin-tipped scarpin : you can get it out of the bottom of the wardrobe and wait for the cooler season of the year to start. Elegant and classic model, the scarpin has been missing for a while, but in 2012 comes back repaginado, more modern and as a great bet to give more color and personality in basic looks.

Another model that is on the rise again this season is the moccasin , a success between men and women in the 90’s. Last year the model appeared with some highlight, but did not come full board. This year the moccasin comes with more color, textures and even wins versions with heels.

Another trend rescued from the 80’s and 90’s, the white boots are a controversial promise that divides the fashionistas. On one side are the more skeptical, who find the boots cheeky white. On the other side are those who love the idea. Does this fashion catch on?