Expensive Luxury Watches Online – A Little Advice

The online shopping of luxury watches is a pretty risky undertaking, because clocks are just luxury goods – and luxury goods cost much money. That this fact is the one or other black sheep, may be understandable. We clarify what should be considered and where you can shop safely in this article.

Find online shops that sell watches, as the sea, but how can good distinction sand from bad? For example, an important feature is a seal of approval, the best multiple independent. Especially the trusted shops seal of approval, which meanwhile has found use in more than 9,000 online retailers is known. Over 100 individual criteria, such as credit, price transparency, information policy, privacy or customer service are verified at trusted shops.Another large provider of seals is the TÜV with his safe shopping seal. To receive the TÜV Seal, an online retailer have to take themselves a lot, like for example home visits by TÜV employees, test purchases and much more. You get this seal really don’t – so much the better for the customer, which is almost 100% can be sure not to be dragged across the table. From a technical standpoint, the shop should build up an encrypted connection.

But even if the dealer is exemplary, it is still not guaranteed that you will be happy with his purchase. For example a lot can go wrong when shipping. Basically always a shipping insurance should be included in more expensive products, this for example DHL. Usually the dealer itself cares so little, but because he has still the obligation. With really expensive watches, so in the 5-digit euro range normally private forwarders are charged.

And last but not least you should turn his brain and use common sense. It is also on the safe side, if one buys in large and established stores and confined to dealers in the inland. Who is not sure, then of course still going to the dealer of the trust remains. By the way: Many major brand names such as Rolex fundamentally reject the online sale and refer only to local dealers from principle. According to estimates by THEELITESWATCHES, 90% of all Rolex are fakes watches on the market.