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Once finished the season of parades, with a hodgepodge of trends in head and millions of anecdotes from the various fashion weeks, fashion overdose provokes in us the opposite effect. We don’t have a single clue orderly and clear in our mind. Do you have any questions?. Preguntaselo to Woody.

It takes the money and runs

That must have thought Marc Jacobs When the Group LVMH He offered Dior enactment. Advised by your partner Robert Duffy, Jacobs asks 10 million dollars a year to put themselves in front of the House, an orphan since Galliano was ousted from the firm.

LVMH in Marc Jacobs seeks security of a well-known designer for the House, although he searched for other options: Elbaz, Ackermann, Slimane, but all have declined the offer. And it is that… who is gets that poisoned candy?

Annie Hall

Are the 70’s trend? The editors of the journals run to the search box on google and there’s Annie Hall. Ladies study each and every one of the film outfits, hats, boyish style, large glasses of pasta…, there are more 70 out that Diane Keaton! (although Annie Hall is his real name).


Zelig is my favorite comedy of Woody Allen, in which arises, as a faux documentary, the story of a man with a supernatural ability to change his appearance to adapt to the environment in which it operates, what we understand by a Chameleon. Who is a Chameleon in the world of fashion? Without a doubt, Karl Lagerfeld, that fits stealthily to the ups and downs, not only fashion, but industry, chairs dancing in the most emblematic houses, to the it girls of the month. Oh, if Coco lifted head!

Husbands and

Tiny skirts messes in the world of fashion! No more or less than in the rest of the professions, but there they are. I particularly love the difficult stories (Givenchy and Balenciaga) or the (bizarre)Olivier Zahm and their multiple trouble of skirts, so many that they managed to fill your partner, Natasha Ramsay, All told by chapters on his blog). All of this raises me a reef for the writers of TV shows: when a fashion Salvame Deluxe?


One of the lesser-known films of Allen, chronicling the pain of three sisters before the process of separation from their parents. The action takes place in beautifully decorated interiors (hence the title) that reminds me of the growing interest in decoration that we suffer: enough not only to know the key style of popes them fashion, also should have all the details of their homes.


New York always in the fashion spotlight. Despite Paris, London and Milan, the real trends test bench is the city that never sleeps, and its most famous island, which has been portrayed in thousands of films. And step I take to remember love to go to the last that Sex in The City It is very 2007: another NY is possible, and this film shows it.

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