Erdem Cruise

Keira Knightley She wore a beautiful design of the Erdem cruise 2010 collection a few days ago and that made me look at the collection in full. Erdem Moralioglu is devoting one of the designers of the London fashion week and does it very well.

Their wives are Ethereal and feminine, with a chic touch that like any. A style that creates effortless, because their parts say it all. They are women who are sure of themselves, in a style between lolitas and 1970s peasant. Rescues the boho chic and turns it into a lady-like style, medium vintage and middle rocker, without the touches of metal and leather.

Their dresses are inspired in the East, in Indo-China prior to independence, that look neat and pretty woman. The best case is that the fixtures are unnecessary in this Cruise 2010 collection, the tiny flowers in the tissues and the colorful prints give it life which designs may require.

It is a collection that I think it reflects the style of Kate Bosworth and Chloe Sevigny, to those who would not hesitate to see covered in one of these outfits soon.

Unlike the collection of Spring-Summer 2009, according to Maternityetchic, this collection cruise opts more by the shorts that for long ones, there are only two designs of flirty, one of which is that of Keira in Navy Blue. The other Brown has more subtlety and innocence, as well as the facility to take.

There is a single pair in Erdem, because his wife enhances the femininity. for arroba of knee straight skirts coexist with the circulars of the dresses inspired years 50’s. The fabrics are Silk and silk satin, which give shape and fall designs. Floral prints are present in all designs.

The colors are very basic: Brown, dark blue and light grey, blended with touches of white, Orange, yellow and green.

The only thing smooth fully jacket color tobacco is that complete the look of a classic dress in court, without magas and straight. The belts are present, but at a minimum version and very thin, only to mark the figure not to be protagonists.

The cuts to the waist divide the figure to make it female, leaving more loose-fitting blouses to be soft, while mixed with straight skirts. The opposite effect is achieved if we adjust the top and give flight to circular skirts.

Not be to you, but my I love this softness and innocence, which at the same time has a chic.