Engagement Ring: 5 Things You Should Know

All hope that moment in which our boyfriend give us ringwith emotion: we imagine in an idyllic setting, with our beloved kneeling to requesting us that we move on with the rest of our lives…Until that moment arrives, it takes into account some things so they don’t catch you unprepared.

What Should I Do If I Don’t Like It?

The most logical thing is that, to avoid this uncomfortable situation, advice you to your couplering type you would like that you give. If you do not want to address the issue, notify your nearby friends or sisters just in case the question. If anything passes over your recommendations and gives you a horrible ring , you have two options: say that you would prefer a different piece (and you already have one in mind) or suck it up and use it even if you do not like. Our suggestion? Be sincere with him: you can feel bad at first, but then you forget.

And If I Have Big Or Small?

Take it with a trusted jeweler to make it fit, preferably to the store where you bought it (eye: one that is not honest could change you parts without even you know it has). Jewelers tend to cut rings and resoldarlos so that they are your size. To enlarge the ring, the jeweler could use an extension called ‘bridge’. This is a more complex process, so it could charge you a bit more to make it.

In Which Finger Should Go?

It is a basic question, but it is worth to repeat it to you. In most countries this ring must be in the left ring finger. It was believed that this finger had a few nerves that went directly to the heart.

When I I Put It?

Surely the early days up to want to sleep with emotion. However, there is a rule that dictates when you should use it and when not: many women use it all the time, while others use it only onspecial occasions and keep it the rest of the time. Whatever decide, keep in mind that the most important thing is taking care of it.

How Do I Care You?

Take it always before showering, wash your hands, cream you or make you beauty routines. The ring contact with these substances will damage it in the long run according to healthinclude.com. Avoid touching the precious stone so that you do not wear, and clean once a week with a mixture of baking soda and water.Use a soft bristle brush for this. From time to time, every six months for example, take it with a jeweler to do a more thorough cleaning and both stone and metal shine as the first day.