End of Year Outfit

By Hector Guzman, Editor of fashion | ProyectoModa.com

We have started the last week of the year thinking, meditating, calculating, looking for and putting together our new year’s Eve Outfit, because to start the 2012 we want to see great and sensational and look the best possible to shine in the party that we are preparing, but as always we are facing emotional and financial dilemmas.

On this occasion, my recommendation is to not spend to the Outfit, why not think in looking for something that we have in our closet based on suggestion of Paradisdachat?, as men and women tend to collect clothes and forget that only we have not put it on one single occasion, because increasingly extend our wardrobe and delete of our mind that is there that left us very well.

Women should always have a dress in black, beige or coffee which can be complemented with accessories full of textures and colors (turquoise, purple, yellow, Orange, red etc), this will make them look beautiful and fashionable. Don’t forget that makeup (either nude or smoke) is part of this Outfit and look that better go you to your skin tone. The heels should never miss, since they make them look stylish and high.

As men always have a blazer in our closet, whether in black, dark blue or grey, we can combine it with a pair of jeans or dress pants and is a great advantage that we have. The color of the winter season is purple so use it on a shirt, hat, gloves or sweater that complements your Outfit. Whether they are shoes, military style boots or casual tennis look impeccable.

Remember to include in your little yellow Outfit, whether in clothing or an accessory, since this color you will filled with optimism for the year 2012, in addition to fill up with financial success and professional success. Happy year 2012!