Emerald Green Fashion 2016

A lot of people love the color green! And this year the “gods” (= Pantone) choose it as the main color of the year!

The emerald green has an association with luxury, nature, well being and harmony.

Many people hesitate to use green because they fear of being unsuitable or even ugly.

To facilitate the use of a color, you need to think about how it will be when you combine it with other colors, such as blue, fuchsia (pink), purple, orange, plum, red, gold, silver, black, beige, white and pastel. As you can see, the emerald green is a versatile color.

The emerald green is a color that is suitable for any occasion (formal/casual). Here are some tips about applying the emerald green in daily life.

  1. Green shirt. This basic piece in emerald green color makes you more modern. Sometimes, the simpler you wear, the better it is. This is an excellent ideal wearing to work. The shirt is a key piece in the female wardrobe. It is suitable for any kind of women!
  2. Green pants. Who says that the color of pants must be simple? How about dressing emerald green pants? Don’t worry about the cost because it is not expensive as you thought. What matters is how you feel about the green.
  3. An  emerald green necklace. Anyone who loves green should not miss the chance of wearing an emerald necklace. A maxi necklace is powerful! It makes you more luxurious and chic.
  4. Place a green bag, girl! A lot of people don’t like to use a colored bag for they think it doesn’t fit with many colors. But, as you’ve seen, this never happens to the emerald green. It is a relatively versatile color. Take a risk and don’t fear to make mistakes.
  5. With your foot in emerald! There was a time when people only wore neutral color shoes. Nowadays, the shoes in emerald green are in vogue. A pair of emerald green shoes is needed in every women’s wardrobe.

And what do you think about emerald green? Do you want to have a try? Which proposal do you like best? Comment!