Dresses Casual Shorts

For the summer season, there is nothing better than a casual short dress, so it allows us to be comfortable, fresh and at the same time make us look very feminine. There are thousands of options, depending on the taste of each one and personal style, that today show you some options of short dresses casual 2014.

-Print dress:

This type of dress is a classic: can be with floral prints or any other type of print. They provide a different Nick, and are simple to combine: inch accessories, and as far as possible that are smooth. So you have to find that they have some common with stamping.

-Dress with neckline:

Although not all have the privilege to be able to wear a dress like the image that is at the bottom, several types of necklines that can adapt perfectly to the type of chest that is. I recommend you to try several until you find yourself well and you can also feel comfortable. The neckline gives a nick to dress sexy.

-Red Dress:

It is essential that you have a red dress in your closet, this is because it is very good with everything, they give a different look to escape and are suitable for all types of skin, hair, body, etc. Do not hesitate to buy a red dress, but keep in mind that this should help your figure.

-Animal print dress:

It is a little hard to take. But if you think of animal print, you imagine not only in classical dress: look at the image below and you will see that it has an air animal print but very modern. You choose something basic Brown, black and white colors.

-White dress:

The white dress is perfect for the days of the summer season, since it combines very well with everything and can be used in several ways. Many accessories, footwear of all kinds, the simplest is the dress much better will be, because you can combine with many accessories that is not simple.

-Shirt dress:

Especially I like very much this type of dresses. There are dresses that have buttons in all dress and other dresses which only have buttons on the side of the waist. They are casual dresses that can be used with almost all types of footwear, as platform sandals, converse sneakers, slippers, etc.

-Vintage dress:

If you want to achieve a particular look, you should try to use short dresses with vintage air like technology-wiki recommended: white, red, blue and beige, cut Princess and skirt a bit extends up to knee height. This short dress vintage is ideal for an outing with friends on the street.

I hope that you have enjoyed these casual dresses short 2014, and don’t forget to choose one of them to make you look feminine and beautiful at this time of the year.

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