“Dreaming about Spring Time”… What Warranty (Bloggers) Hear

Posted by admin on July 19, 2017

For once I am in a State of ni fu ni fa before the arrival of the spring. I am so busy I have no time to think about the scratch that falls or chachi outfit to me. But there are bloggers, who does not live in Brazil, but will advance and show their fervent wishes that get heat with her clothes.

Lot of skin, chicha, pastel colors, little media and lot of flower. I always dreamed to be hyper-chic home, a mixture between Elizabeth Taylor in CAT on the roof of zinc and a ricachona that unknown term sort or clean. And I’ve always wanted to look so Mona, with a bracelet of flowers in the ankle, hyper sexy, lips … would you? But the thing is very tired hear.

Spring is time to mix colors and styles. I like the look and attitude but still puneterita, though a few years tell us that we would bear the fadas to lo “ Julian Munoz ” not believe it.

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