Dolores Promises Spring-Summer

Pains promise presents its collection Spring-summer 2011 made up of mini dresses, shorts and a variety of color, texture, although the the mini-dresses and skirts they are key pieces in the designs of the firm.

A collection inspired by various themes: Coto de Doñana natural park and the world of pastry making, two completely opposite themes.

On the one hand there are clothes that embody flamingos and trees that resemble the landscapes of the South. They include dresses ladies, designs vintage mixing colours such as Browns, pink, blue, black, red and blouses and skirts true to the style of the firm.

On the other hand, the world of the pastry seen in prints of colorful mini dresses and feather shorts magdalena, where is sensed so characteristic of Dolores, bows and dots hair.

The mix of colors and textures of the Liberty line the collection gives elegance and freshness. The military green for day and evening grey are two essential shades to wear this summer.

I love the mifalda of ruffles so comfortable and easy to combianr during the summer.

The khaki, that combined with the so flattering white, comes stomping. Copy this look so sexy and stylish for tomerate something on a terrace with her friends, to go shopping or to give an evening walk along the beach.

In addition, their funny t-shirts with such well-known phrases as “And however you want”, “I’m not your Princess”, “guilty of love”, there are new phrases that make mention of moments of his life as: “Put Me bags in the street”, also featuring her dog Tula and the cat Trini in endearing poses.

This I love Mono blue klein, beautiful to look at night, combined with sandals of heels and accessories as the belt that the model looks or also in black color.

And all these looks are completed with a novelty: the line of bijoux pains promise. A loaded line of flowers, butterflies, ties, birds and Andalusian patios pictures to combine with all garments.