Do You Have Curves?-Choose Your Bikini This Summer

Bikini test is a hard confrontation with his body that every woman has to suffer every summer. If this year has gained some pounds more and want to disguise it chooses the bikini that best adapts to your body we are presenting the best proposals for the season!

Any woman should always try to wear clothing that more favors you according to your body, but in the case of the swimsuit thing is complicated because there is not much fabric to hide the small defects.
Don’t let the love handles to embitter you summer: here is the bikinis of the season that you better will sit by their shape, color, or style and enjoy the Sun!
A bikini thin strips or normal braga, which will help to provide more slender image to your limbs is preferable to hide thick legs. Forget about the shorts and bikinis from low hip.

Neutral or dark colors will be more flattering for you. You can adopt the trend of the season to the nude tones or a classic like the black. In addition you can also play with the colors according to the part of the body that you want to highlight.

As for the prints, the most striking is, more it will widen that part of the body. You can choose them a little more sober or play with them by placing them only at the top or bottom part of the bikini according to what you want to hide. That Yes, forget in any case of horizontal stripes.

The ideal way for the clip is in peak or not too thick strips as if you have much breast, it will make you more. Forget the bikinis on word of honor, since they give the impression of shorten torso and attach less.

Retro style will go very well with you. He thinks that before women had more curves than now and this style swimsuits are designed for feminine women who want to empower them in addition to being the last!

It tries to be strategically placed embellishments of your bikini. For example, bikinis that separate a little chest with a washer made smaller chest to remain two separate breast. Or, if we want to hide the hips, the ideal is to carry some sort of embellishment in the chest to hide the lower part of the body or even in the back.

Seeing this, now you know what kind of bikini you will look better, comfortable and above all sexy. Then don’t waste time and runs to buy this swimsuit recommended by Estatelearning that will highlight your beauty!