DIY Ideas To Create With Recycled Wall Clocks

Each time makes more sense recycling in our homes, since as you know, the majority of the objects that we believe that they are already useless, we always end up giving shaped to give it a new life, thanks to the internet today can find the idea or the creative spark to use virtually any object to create another. As well, today turn them to wall clocks.

Then we are going to show a collection of 20 projects DIY to make with recycled wall clocks. You will see that with a few everyday objects, a clock mechanism which you can find at any craft store, and a good shot of creativity, you can make your own clock in the most simple and original way are ready? Here we go.

Wall clock made with the tire of a bicycle wheel.

What marvel of watch. As you can see, does not need much more than an old bicycle tire, if it is a little damaged, we can paint it with color enamel paint that you want, and now all that is left to us, will be adding the mechanism of the clock, which as I said before, you can find it at any craft store. Don’t tell me that this watch is not original!

DIY Ideas To Create With Recycled Wall Clocks 1

Wall clock made with recycled magazines.

I love this idea. It is super simple, economical and original, just need to pick up some magazines, according to the tutorial’s page, the person who made this watch I need 3 or 4 magazines. You will also need the mechanism of a clock, white glue, a pencil, and a silicone hot glue gun. The procedure is simple, go scrolling pages and go sticking them with patience. In this tutorial, show what you step by step in Brandyfisher.

Wall clock with photo frames.

Gorgeous and simple project DIY that you can do from home, that we will also serve to decorate our wall of living room, bedroom or any room we want, the best moments and memories captured in photographs. In this tutorial I show you below, they teach you step by step how to do it, and also the material that you will need. Content.Photojojo.

Wall clock with alarm clocks.

Project DIY retro style that I love and very original. To do so, as you can see you will need 12 clocks the same, or different, which can also look good. Base use a wall, and in the Centre, will anchor a clock mechanism. That Yes, even think you put the alarm to the alarm clocks… because you can end up crazy!

Wall clock made with a frame of embroidery.

We are sure that you have at home some old frame embroidery that already not uséis, as well, you will just need a fabric to cover it pretty well, and a clock mechanism. Simple and original, right? If you want to see the tutorial click here.

Wall clock made with neckties.

As we continue with originality. This watch is ideal for modern homes. To do this, you will need cardboard, 12 ties and a clock mechanism. First you’ll have to make the desired shape in 12 cartons that we will use, all with the same size and shape. To paste the ties to the carton, I would use glue or hot silicone glue. Also, if you do not want to use glue, you can give them some Backstitch with heavy thread to attach the fabric to the cardboard. Finally, anclareis the mechanism of the clock to the wall and ready.

Wall clock made with dominoes.

If you are lover of Board games, and dominoes is your favorite, what best wall clock for decorating your home than one that it is done by yourselves with dominoes? For this DIY project, you will need a few planks of wood to make the base (pallet wood also serves), a few sheets of dominoes and a clock mechanism. As you can see, it has no greater complication, do you fancy?

Built on a wooden door wall clock.

Beautiful watch created on a recycled old wooden door. You will need to buy the mechanism of the clock with numbers, and anchor it in the door. Perfect for a fun and original decoration.

Created with crochet on frame wall clock.

If you love you crochet, you can make this gorgeous wall clock using a frame embroidery as a base, and the craft of crochet that you wish to add. The numbers can embroider either draw them with a permanent marker.

Wall clock made with Globes.

This DIY project leaves me fascinated. It’s cut in half the Globes and place them on the wall, which will be the base of the clock. You will also need a clock mechanism, to be in shades of sky blue, so go game with the Globes. In short, all a wonderful idea of decoration.

Wall clock created with a recycled frying pan.

What do you think of this idea? As I said, here not throw anything. Look at how beautiful that has been the Pan now converted into a clock. To do this, you have to have a bit of morning for the painting, which you can pick it up in a special shop of crafts and paintings. Once painted, it is use decorative elements as flowers and butterflies you see, to taste.

Old phone become wall clock.

Do you love the retro? What I say of this magnificent idea? Since then has fascinated us. If you have an old phone catching dust at home, it is time to use it, just have to install a clock mechanism and ready.

DIY Ideas To Create With Recycled Wall Clocks 2

Watch made with porcelain cups.

At home almost always have coffee cups loose, which belonged to a game of porcelain which has been breaking with the passage of the years, and that will in general, leaving them in the closet of the forgotten. Well, it is the time to remove all those cups orphan that remain, and turn them into a beautiful clock like this… do good idea true?

Wall clock made with books.

You have a book at home you already do not want, or that by some chance children have ripped out some pages and no longer serves? This craft is perfect for them. It’s a clock mechanism installed and use the book covers in the form of base. If you want to see the step by step tutorial, you can do so atWoonblog.

Watch created with Cork Stoppers.

This DIY project is very simple to perform. You will need to do this the corks from wine bottles, a base in Cork of a drink coaster, for example, chopsticks and a clock mechanism. First, you put the Stoppers to chopsticks, which, you can paint them if you want with hot silicone. Then you’ll have to join the mechanism to the Cork, and when well attached, now you can continue beating sticks and corks it. It will be perfect in the kitchen wall!

Wall clock created with floppy disks.

Do you remember floppies? Safe at home still have some souvenir, so nothing better than to use them in this craft. As you can see, most simple cannot be.You have to join one of them the clock mechanism, and finally and around, work one-on-one with hot silicone diskettes giving it the shape you want.

Wall clock made with children’s markers.

Sure that your children have already spent felt-tip pens. If you want to create this fun and original clock, you’ll have to take 12 markers, remove the ink inside and wash them thoroughly with alcohol. Once clean, you just need to join them as you can see in the photo to the clock mechanism. It will be perfect for a child’s room.

Wall clock created with chopsticks.

This craft, although somewhat expensive, has exquisite results. It’s go sticking chopsticks together, with the help of a gun with hot silicone. Once United, add the little hole that is in the center of the clock mechanism.

Wall clock created with pallets.

If you are a handyman with DIY, and have House any pale that you no longer use, you can create with this beautiful wall clock, perfect for decorating any room of the home. You will need a few wooden slats of pale, a jig for cutting and shaping edges, and paint to suit the consumer. Finally, once we have it ready, we add the clock mechanism.

DIY Ideas To Create With Recycled Wall Clocks 3

As I said, the recycled things for those who like to decorate our home with unique and original objects, obtained valuable, so our advice is that before you throw something in the trash, think always about what you can reuse it, because in addition to collaborating with the environment as you can see, we can get a few decorative objects of the most original for our House.

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