Dita Von Teese and Emma Watson, Together at The Paris Fashion Week

Two of the names that are appearing more in Paris, they are the of Dita Von Teese y Emma Watson. They are two almost opposite personalities if we see their careers and who now seem to be in a placid time. Both the former pin-up actress, as the former Hermione, his followers are increasing as never before.

Reasons they are not missing. First of all, Dita Von Teese. To me his style never convinced me, nor I think to do it, but at least she tries it. He began wearing simple and contained in Paris and then he returned for a more refined style, with Jean Paul Gaultier. Even so, I don’t see her as a woman with style, not transmits me it when I see their looks.

Second, Emma Watson. The young actress has increased in value in just a few months. It has gone from being a common young man, to grab everyone’s attention and adjectives of future promise. This has not been that Yes, but it has been thanks to the class looks like that they presented on arrival to Paris, or on the following days.

Yesterday was to attend to the Sonia Rykiel 40th anniversary party and both names together. Winner? Dita Von Teese. The American wore a long gala dress impeccable. with tail and fitted to the body, as well as add a suggestive cleavage that wore its undeniable charms.

While Emma Watson not so stressed with a grey knit dress, well can do times of that dress, with sleeves pullover style vampire and combined with black stockings. Also failed to get the hairstyle, because it gave the impression of being too informal to be a party of such a high level. Perhaps is that the age still weighs…