Different Types of Men’s Scarves

It is always located to wrap some cloth around the neck …

It asks a man to count up all male accessories available so the list becomes probably very short. The usual answers are: ” Hmm, watch, engagement ring and ehhhh belt? “, Which is understandable, for the talk not so much about male accessories. Pray to the same man enumerate feminine accessories, well, the list becomes long, ranging from earrings to rings, hair clips and scarves … But wait, scarf’s not a kvinlig accessory, it is 100% unisex, just like the watch and bracelet.

Yes, there are a lot of accessories for men, more than you think. In this article, I thought, to talk a little more about just scarves for men and how best to combine them with other clothes to get into a really stylish outfit.

But first…

Do not confuse scarfs and scarves

First and foremost, it is important to distinguish these two accessories. In our guide: “What is the difference between a scarf and scarf? “Everything you need to know.Briefly, the scarf is a practical garment while the scarf is a decorative garments.

Various types of scarfs

There are several different types of scarves and it is primarily the material separating them.


The most dressy type of scarf is silk scarf. The extremely thin fabric makes the scarf takes up very little space in your outfit. A rough cotton scarf adds a way, a completely new garment to your outfit, a silk scarf, on the other hand, blends into the skyline and your outfit but add color and pattern to make it more interesting / uniform / screaming, a little like a bracelet.

Cotton Scarf

The most common type of scarf is the old classic cotton scarf. It is available in various thicknesses and colors.
The thinner scarf dressed the more delicate. A rough cotton scarf will be easy as a separate garment and can take over the outfit. A thin and delicate scarf (cotton or silk), on the other hand, as a clock, a way to enhance the outfit without overpowering it.

Infinityscarf / Infinity Scarf

Infinityscarfen you do not see very often. Generally speaking, they are very rough and acting more than the scarf scarf. But thinner variants are available.

Infinityscarfen dressed is the least of the 3 different types scarf.

Ullscarf / Scarf

A scarf is as I said, no scarf, read our guide: ” What is the difference between a scarf and scarf? “For a clearer picture of the difference.

Scarf for men, which suits my outfit?

Then we come to the interesting part, what kind of scarf fits your outfit? How should they matched, and what should you choose if you want dressa down / dressa up an outfit?


We believe that a style / outfit can be classified as dressed for avoiding jeans, T-shirts and sneakers and instead base their outfits on chinos, dress pants, shirts, cardigans andclassic men’s shoes .

-Dressa Up the outfit

Want to spice up an already dressed outfit as silk scarf is your only option.

  • Sidenscarf
-dress Down Outfit

A thin cotton scarf in the right pattern and color can maintain dressighetsnivån on your already dressed outfit, but adds a larger one, or infinityscarf then dressas it down immediately.

  • Coarse cotton scarf
  • Infiinityscarf

Smart Casual

With smart casual we mean eg black jeans, shirt and jacket with a neat handkerchief in. Or, suit pants, polo and well-polished leather shoes. Not suit, but not just a pair of jeans and a shirt.

-Dressa up

Would you dressa up a style that you have both the silk scarf and the thin, delicate cotton scarf at your disposal. Turn it around your neck some time off and just dominate.

  • Sidenscarf
  • Thin cotton scarf
-Dress down

In order to dress down a smart casual outfit to work the remaining types scarf just fine.

  • Coarse cotton scarf
  • Infinityscarf

Casual / Sport

The collective name Casual / Sports is in this case a little blunt, you drive a casual style like in the picture above as a scarf suit just fine. But it is a sporty hoodie, joggers and sneakers, well then you should stay far away from scarfs, if you do not want to see a little bit retarded the course.

-Dressa up

Here it is only running on the kind of scarf that time, everyone should raise dressighets-feel of your outfit. But think both once and twice before you try to combine a leather jacket, t-shirt and jeans with a silk scarf, probably it will be very skewed, and it requires a certain type of person to carry it out.

  • Sidenscarf
  • cotton Scarf
  • Infinityscarf
-dress down

It’s a bit unclear whether you can actually dressa down this type of outfit, please try and send some pictures in the name of research!

  • Please try

3 Fast style tips scarfs

  1. A scarf can be used to both dressa up an outfit, and to dress down.It’s all about the material you choose, and what outfit you wear the scarf to
  2. Dressighets hierarchy are: Silk scarf -> Cotton Scarf -> Infinityscarf
  3. Outfit can become more or less neat depending on how you choose to tie your scarf.Check out our guide: “6 ways to tie a scarf ” for inspiration

Want to enhance your wardrobe with some scarves?

If you feel that scarf range is too thin in the closet so it’s obviously high time to invest in some new neck accessories.

Check out Neckwear.se , they have a wide range of scarves ( pun intended ) of all kinds.


We men have significantly more accessories to choose from than you think. For most, it takes the imagination out the clock, but there is so much more to play with, such as the scarf.

Want to wear the scarf up in the best way so it is as always to think of color, patterns and materials, and then match it with the rest of your outfit, then you’re at home.