Dear Alexa Chung, with You I Want to Start Autumn

With the September Issue on market magazines are beginning to show what we will teach in the second issue of autumn, i.e., the cover of October they begin to see the light. And today is the turn of the Australian version of Harper ’ s Bazaar. With a very spring-like image, it British girl Alexa Chung is responsible for shaping this new number.

Is Classic and not risk but is fresh and natural. So that there is a gap between one thing and another and the result is a great cover (to appear). She goes out gorgeous (not doubt its beauty), very sexy and sensual. Shows us that after that look that sometimes does not show ‘ destroyer ‘ or left there is a sweet girl and most cool.

Although this cover I am not surprised at all: I think that all the fashion magazines aussie versions are of the best thing. Sometimes they risk, sometimes they are safe but (almost) never fail and it shows. Do you think the? final result with this fashionable girl?