Cruise’s Topshop Collection

Cruise collections seem to have been popularized and make us dream of great models for these holidays. As not everyone can acquire designs of Dior, Chanel or Carolina Herrera don’t worry that Street firms have also begun to throw designs specifically created for the summer.

Topshop opens the collections resort at affordable costs very trendy pieces and that go perfectly with the season. Use the horizontal lines of the influence of nautica present in most of the colecicones cruise, however he reinterprets them in mixed with prints or geometric designs and gives them a more urban air.

Cotton and satin, according to, they are two of the textures present which together with spandex offer ease and adjust the parts, creating a relaxed and informal effect perfect for every day. In addition, bathing suits that presents Topshop lengthen the figure and give sensuality with irregular cuts or low necklines, which together with the ultra-short shorts are ideal for a day at the beach.

Cotton shirts with prints, blouses loose at the waist or cutting spring Empire complete summer style. In addition to straight-leg pants and several mini-dresses. There is no doubt that Topshop strong betting trends and some of their garments have their direct inspiration in large firms and others include ethnic as a central factor.

But don’t forget to check out the accessories that give life to any look and make it current and fashionable with those small details. With prices ranging from 25 to 80 euros you don’t have to embezzle to look fashionable.