Colorful Bridal Shoes

The combination of the white wedding dress with shoes of the same color is the most traditional and also the safest, has no error.

Colorful Bridal Shoes

Even though it is still the preference of most brides, the white wedding shoe now divides space with a fashion that began in the United States and is spreading around the world: the colorful bridal shoe.

The novelty of colorful bridal shoes is a lot of fun and interesting, but needs to match the style of who is going to wear them. Another factor that should be considered is that the wedding photos will remain forever reminding you of your choice. That is, just invest in the colorful wedding shoe if you are sure that is what you want, do not just use fashion to follow and if you think you will not regret it in the future.

The color of the bride’s shoe does not have to be the same color used in the decoration of the party, the most important is that it matches the model of your dress and, especially, your personality. Another tip is to match the color of the bouquet. The shoe need not have exactly the same shade of flowers, but shades approximate.

To choose the perfect colored wedding shoe for your wedding, look for the models that have your favorite color. If you like, and always liked red, it might not be a good idea to buy a fluorescent shoe just because the saleswoman said it’s the latest fad.

Choose from more flashy or understated tones. The best choices of bridal shoes in bold colors are shock pink, purple, eggplant, turquoise blue or indigo, green leaf and yellow. If you prefer bridal shoes in light colors , pastels are ideal. Rose, blue, nude, antique rose, champagne and golden fall very well.

As the colorful bridal shoe already attracts a lot of attention, do not overdo the details of the dress and the accessories with a lot of shine. Shoes should be the strong point of the look. An important detail for anyone who wants to be a bride with colorful shoes : the dress should be shorter, otherwise the shoe will only appear if you are sitting.