Collection Preppy Womande Nafnaf Spring-Summer

The firm another season Nafnaf It presents a fabulous and very elaborate collection. Personally it is a garment that I love, but it is that next season garments are more chic, a very sixties style, that much like the celebrities. What to wear? What you can not miss this fall in our closet? What should we buy? And what can keep last season’s? These are questions that we already started to make and that it must respond with the first glimpses of the new collections of signatures for the next Spring-Summer 2008.

As I told you the other day Nafnaf This spring/summer has brought several lines. If the other day showing you the San Francisco collection, today the collection Preppy Woman. Line inspired by the years 50´but with modern touches. Describe us the silhouette of a young woman, bold and daring, but romantic.

A trends which include small and light dresses, such as turquoise which is very nice and comfortable; leather jackets gain importance within the collection and become indispensable for chilly spring evenings. I’ll take the Fuchsia pink what do you think?

According to, the fabrics are sweet and delicate, very appropriate for the era: cotton, silk blended with linen, coats in jacquard, one of the imprecindibles in our closet, t-shirts with aires children’s and fun prints.

The palette is very feminine: pastel shades subtle as the Yellow warm (and it continues the trend of this color), mixed with delicate beige coral and a touch of Fuchsia that stands out within the line.

And how not, woven cowboy can never miss, in all its varieties.