Collection Etxart & Panno Spring-Summer

Bold, safe, sexy, romantic, rebellious, sensual. I don’t know that more adjectives put for this wonderful collection of Etxart & Panno, I can wear this Spring-Summer 2009. And is that the firm returns to submit their original and personal vision of fashion and women. A reflex collection of exquisite personality.

A few breathtakingly elegant and ravishingly feminine dresses, rich in volume and extravagance, and with a chic and refined touch. Dealt with whimsical designs, of risky cuts, ideal for Parties at night of summer, featured events and how not, comfortable to wear daily parts.

I love the dresses, star of the collection, and strident monkeys, which are a mix between cocktail and Hollywood and inveterate fashionista diva model. If you want to go elegant and suggestive, choose a model of this style.

According to,the firm remains faithful to his desire to surprise and plays with striking harmonies, so you feel disarmingly seductive with their clothes, many of them carved in Wild silks. Dresses with suggestive cleavage in the back and maxi flowers printed on fabrics.

Other dresses are extra long and carved, together with the Thai pants y monkeys seventies-inspired, has a hippy, ideal to wear at the beach. A very ibizenco style, and it is that these designs are perfect to walk them on an island as Ibiza. They are designs that play with innuendo and make a building of the erotic female silhouette.

For the day include skirts and Bermuda extraslim, waist high and tight. Contrast, the baggy pants It incorporates the idea of elegance carved light silk organza. The shorts they are infinitely short and incorporates the new sailor polka dot black and white print.

Blouse still remain in force this season with forms, they are tailored in poplins and apply feminine details; the smocks in simple voiles, are perfect for moments of peace. Luxury and elegance have created the perfect tandem to give life to the chic and modern woman.

Night Etxart & Panno is very sexy and seductive. Extremely feminine lines with dresses painted volumes in acid colours, red, passion, purple, Fuchsia and electric blue,, and how not in white, perfect for when you are brunette. Impossible to go unnoticed and giving a lesson in sophistication.

Ties, flowers, oversize prints and rhinestones to dress a hedonistic woman that likes to enjoy the evening and enjoy the day with comfortable cotton dresses.

As for add-ins put the icing to any of the looks, jewel bags, fun baguettes bambula petals, skin belts, foulards and heels sandals to be the brightest star in the summer.