Clothing for the Church

“And he said: don’t go here; take off your shoes from your feet; because the place where you are is holy ground. ” Exodus 3:5

This is a well-known Bible verse. There was nothing different about that land where Moses was standing with his Sandals but the holiness of the presence of God. This verse shows us that we can’t relate to the presence of God in any way. So, how we should introduce ourselves before God, in your House?

We have some clear guidance in that regard:

  1. one should not bear enamel: “anyone to disgrace him God’s House with overt decorations!” (Select Testimonies, vol. 2, p. 202).
  2. clothing should be clean and decent, you don’t encourage irreverence, awaken thoughts undue or divert the attention of God worship: everyone should be taught to wear with cleanliness and decency, without, however, if esmerarem in the outer adornment, it’s inappropriate of the House of God. Meets avoid ostentation in terms of clothes, which only serve to stimulate the irreverence according to Often people’s attention is directed on this or that piece of clothing and thus are suggested thoughts that should not occur in the hearts of worshippers. God must be the sole object of our thoughts and worship; anything to divert the spirit of your solemn and sacred cult constitutes an offense to him. The display of ornaments, as laces, ribbons and feathers, as well as gold or silver, is a species of idolatry that must not be associated with the worship of God. ” (Select Testimonies, vol. 2, pp. 201 and 202).
    3. use a clean lined, clothing, care, modest and good looking: “Some maintain the idea that, in order to make this separation in the world that the word of God requires, should be negligent in clothing. There is a class of sisters who think they’re putting into practice the principles of non-complying with the world, using an ordinary hat and the same dress worn by them during the week, on Saturday, to appear in the Assembly of the Saints to worship the God. And some men who profess to be Christians, see the issue of clothing in the same light. Gather these people with the people of God on Saturday, with dusty and dirty clothes, and even with tears on their clothes that they cover the body in a way that is misaligned.
    Had this class committed to meet some friend honoured by the world, who wished to be especially favored, and if esforçariam for appearing in your presence with the best costume that could get; because this friend feel insulted if they were to your presence with her hair disheveled, dirty clothes and in disarray. However, these people think that no matter which clothes appear, or what is the condition in which they are, when they meet on Saturday to worship of the great God. ” (Review and Herald, January 30, 1900).

Unfortunately, we found with great frequency sisters using inappropriate clothing in the House of God-necklines showing part of the breasts, short salts, shoulders and back exposed, leggings and long trousers.

In the post “Christian modesty and the law enforcement” talked about how the lack of Christian modesty can affect the new converts and become scandal and bad testimony. We talked, in other texts, too, on what criteria should we have to choose our clothes in General. Inside or outside the 4 walls of the Church, of Christ and we must dress appropriately. But being on the sanctity of the House of God requires of us still more careful, respect and order. I repeat: we can’t relate to the presence of God in any way.

Dear, I know it bothers some, but it’s for the good of the body of Christ that we play in these matters. A Christian woman dresses not to draw attention to the forms of your body, you’re not interested in awakening looks, so don’t wear necklines showing part of the breasts, short skirts, shoulders and back exposed, leggings marking the body and disguising the nudes of the lower limbs, and long pants (this last should be used with great discretion, and not in the Church).

I recently read a text of Emanuelle Sales, with the title “Legging-those clothes suit with the Christian girl?”, and I recommend reading all of you. Don’t we differentiate ourselves from the women of the world wearing us so ridiculous, but decent. Show parts of the body that should be covered is vulgarity. Bear enamel is pride. And all this is nothing less than proof that “the I, and only I, is object of worship” (Select Testimonies, vol. 1, p. 600). In the House of God (and in the life of a true Christian) God is the one loved it!