Clothes for Wedding Guests: Tips for Him and Her

What to wear for a wedding? From May to August, especially couples get married and are looking forward to a romantic holiday with family and friends. Whether a man or a woman: finding the right ensemble for a wedding is a challenge for every guest.

After all, the look should be elegant but not too extravagant and neither casual nor formal. And: For weddings, there is also a handful of absolutely timeless styling rules that should always be observed. Now you can find out which dresses for wedding guests are guaranteed.

PS: For everyone who is still head over a suitable present break, I have additionally at the end of this post the most popular gifts for 2016 listed. ; As shown in Fig.

Dresses for Wedding Guests: Tips for the Ladies

In general, the bride should be the focus of the day of the wedding. It is no matter where and in which context the marriage takes place. So you should not have to use your ensemble to very bright Wow-Colors or edgy prints. Even low-cut or ultra-short dresses and tops are not recommended for a wedding. I also advise you of pure white. So you do not compete with the bride’s dream dress.

Also difficult: rich red nuances, which can quickly come to dramatic and conspicuous.

Black, which was long considered No-Go, is meanwhile however absolutely acceptable.

In this case remember, however, to combine your black dress with a colored cardigan or colorful shoes so that the look does not look too bland.

Ideal colors for your outfit are discreet earth tones and powdery pastel nuances, which come timeless and wonderfully understated. Perfect companions to these sounds are striking statement chains or earrings and exciting high heels that make the ensemble sparkle.

My very personal wedding favorites are cocktail dresses in silvery gray tones, which in combination with silver accessories make an impression without extravagant effect. Knielange Etui- or Cocktailkleider generally work at every wedding and stand absolutely every woman.

Clothes for Wedding Guests: Tips for the Gentlemen

Like the ladies, the men should also do without too extravagant ensembles at the wedding celebration. A classic suit consisting of a jacket, a shirt and a fabric pants is definitely the sure go-to-piece with which you are never wrong. A tie is now no longer obligatory to this look, but may be worn.

In terms of color, however, the following is true: Black is definitely never wrong, but in the spring and summer but can quickly become dull.

For this reason, lighter tones have become established in the last few years.

So he likes to wear jackets, shirts and trousers in gray, light brown or dark blue.

The absolute no-gos for you are definitely jeans or shorts. These leisure classics still have nothing to look for even at the most relaxed wedding celebration.

If your personal shirt, jacket and trousers seem to be formal, then you can now also use polo shirts or fine knit sweaters in combination with cotton or linen pants. This slightly casual outfit should be crowned with a high quality jacket. But do not leave sneakers in any case and always wear classic leather shoes, like Oxfords or Brogues.


In addition to the constant trend towards the money gift for the party or the honeymoon, the top ten of the most popular wedding gifts in 2016 are very classic: so most couples want top quality coffee sets or cutlery. Also popular are: coffee machines, refined kitchen machines and pastries.

With these popular Evergreens, you are definitely always right. Be careful when choosing the present but not only on quality and workmanship, but also on the look. Finally, cups, cutlery, kitchen utensils and co. Should always fit seamlessly into the home of the young couple and fit into their furnishing style. So both have guaranteed many years of joy to your carefully selected gift.