Cinderella Shoes by Christian Louboutin

The Cinderella of Christian Louboutin shoes were inspired by the classic Disney release in Blu-Ray. Particularly, this is an idealization that I left in my childhood, but I’m sure many will love it, because after all the shoe is gorgeous and is a Christian Louboutin, aren’t people. So worth checking out.

Questidonado on the design of the shoe, Louboutin said the idea arose not only why the Cinderelly is a character icon on the world of fairy tales, but history has also your desfeixo through the shoes that the girl loses when … Well, I guess you already know the story.

But, according to the creator himself, the inspiration for the new shoe Louboutin was there, in the pages of a children’s book according to sleepingbagsexpo.

How could they not be, Louboutin shoes worthy of Pride. His jump is all set with crystals and has bright Butterfly detail to create the effect of “fairy-tale romance”. Of course, could not miss, the back of the jump in red, which is characteristic of the creator (and served as the inspiration for your nails decorated).

I can’t deny that they’re beautiful, although not quite my style. And you like the idea?

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