Choosing A Sports Bra

A sports bra is a female garment whose function is the attachment of the chest, but that is designed specifically for the realization of a sports physical activity.

This means that it has additional properties to provide an extra grip that allows the realization of physical exercise with maximum comfort.
But before we talk about how Choosing a sports bra will have to look at a small detail: the choice of the correct size for each woman.

Choose The Correct Size Bra

The art-science for the right choice of a good sports bra is precisely eso: a science to know how to choose the size of outline and Cup, as well as an art to choose a bra that better feel us.
Currently, sportswear and accessories dedicated to as women offer is very large, and dedicated to women’s intimate apparel could not be less. As for choosing shoes or other clothing we will have to take into account different parameters, the same happens when Choosing a sports bra that fit our needs.

Taking Steps

Buy a bra that fits our measures and specific size is not an act that all women correctly carried out. In fact it has been estimated that only 30% of the Spanish takes proper bra size. The rest of women say not knowing calculating size correctly.
These data had been announced by the last report concerning the aesthetic Medical Institute after completing a choice on more than 500 patients who were treated this year in Barcelona, Madrid and Seville.
92% of the surveyed Spanish women have acknowledged not knowing what must be based in choosing the correct bra size, something which the report clarifies that you often happens also when visiting the plastic surgeon.
One of the culprits in the prevailing confusion is related to large carvings disorder prevailing among the different manufacturers.
Confusing and huge supply on the market size causes that 37% of those surveyed purchased bra taking into account the size of the Cup, while another 63% refers only to the outline.
Acquire the sports bra with the exact size that corresponds to our measures is essential so that the garment fits correctly to the body and get the desired comfort and aesthetic effect

The System Of BRA Sizes

The BRA size is not limited to a single measure, but it is calculated using two parameters:

The contour just below the chest measurement is going to give the value of the first numeric value of the size.

We will have to subtract the maximum outline at the level of the chest as the previous value;This value will give us the value corresponding to the second value of the carving, the letter, or value of the Cup.

The current sizes system consists of a number and a letter; numbers range between 80 and 140, a succession of sizes going five in five and that was taken by measuring the chest just below the breast contour (see Figure A). On the other hand the letter gives us an idea of the size of the Cup, measuring just above the chest, in the area where the contour is larger. As we can see in the figure of “B:copa”, the size of the letters begins in the letter “A” to end up in the “I”.
However both contour as especially of Cup size have no theoretical limit, especially in certain women with opt operations augmentation with sizes somewhat radical.
Avoid taking the size when you are Ovulating or menstruation, since during those days the BRA size increases.
In the event that the measurement process for us of two possible sizes, the recommendation is to always choose the largest, since thanks to the adjustment of brackets you can fit the retainer and you’ll be much more comfortable.

A perfectly carved bra do not tighten or remove creases or leave marks. It should be comfortable and observe the shape of the chest and back.
The body changes with age and chest also. Get a review of your measures of often often when you go to choose a new bra.
If you have a heavy chest and use spaghetti, most likely last esto are driven into the skin. It uses wider braces if you have a bulky and heavy chest. It will be the best way to take the comfortable garment.
When you have made you a (mammoplasty) breast augmentation operation, must know that in these cases does not change the contour and yes the Cup. Therefore, by way of example, it is possible that passes using a 95B to a 95 d in the event of surgery you have chosen increasing two cup sizes.
In the case of mammaplasty with decrease of chest, which obviously also exist, the rule is the same but in a downward direction.

We See Action With A Practical Example

We made a first step to a woman who gives us bust 86 cm and 107 Cup.
In Figure A, we can see that it is a numerical value of 100, while the value of the Cup would be 107-86 = 21. The 21 value corresponds to a “D” Cup size. Thus, we are talking about a bra size “100 D”.

The Five Advantages Of Using A Sports Bra

  1. avoid uncomfortable situations.There are many women in secure feel embarrassed when, while they run or practice exercise, her breasts attract looks because its movement.Push-ups or stretches can be completed to create uncomfortable situations since more than move.
  2. reduces pain in breasts in certain exercises.As you ride your breasts move and can cause pain if the skin becomes stretched more than a certain limit.It does not produce permanent damage, but it is a very annoying pain when we perform certain exercises. It occurs especially in women with C or D cups on.
  3. are really comfortable.Sports Bras are not typical uncomfortable straps that can dig into the shoulders or hooks that can bother you.There are models with no rings and which ensure a side fastening. A sports bra ensures a good grip as we exercise; It reduces the motion and pain in your breasts.
  4. you can find the model that best fits to you.Let’s take a look at what is the technology that surrounds a fastener.
    There are three types of Sports Bras:compression, which push the breasts against the body and correct grip, ideal for small breasts women model; encapsulation, where each breast is surrounded and fastened separately; and the compression-encapsulated, that combines both systems and offers a superior grip, as the perfect model for women with large breasts and to perform physical activities. Remember to check the subject well, with a few small jumps we can know if it fulfills its function. If your breasts move in excess it is likely to need one smaller size.
  1. is a fashion garment.If you think that Sports Bras are horrible designs and little variety of models, you are completely wrong.Lately most of the big names and brands of sportswear, as it could be Nike or Adidas, have suffered a great evolution, with attractive clothing designs at the same time to funrevolucionado the market with attractive clothing and fashion, as well as functional designs.
    This garment in gyms, at home or even on the street, due to the comfort and good design is becoming more usual.

Taking Measures And Choosing The Size

For the exact calculation of our Bra size we will have to take two measurements. The first will give us the outline of the chest just below the breast. In the second, we have to choose the maximum outline of breast, just by the outline where the breast measurement is greater. The first will give us the number of the carving, while the difference between the first and second will give us idea I sobro Cup size, or what is the same, the letter of the size. All measures must be taken in cm.
Example 1: We took the first step that gives us 83, while the second measure throws US 95.

Buying A Sports Bra For Cycling

Well, you have clear process to choose the correct size of bra. You’re ready to know the exact size that will come to perfection.
As it has mannifestado Fernando Lete, the Institute of Gynecology and reproductive medicine (Madrid), sport without a good sports bra produces “irreversible” on the chest of the women.
Problems can be aesthetic, such as rupture of ligaments of Cooper (responsible for support of the breast, irreparable once damaged), either most important long term injuries, such as the macronecrosis (small pockets of dead tissue tissue).
At I show you a selection of sports bra featured, made of a fiber that is capable of turning away excess perspiration and warmth of the skin to bring it to the surface where dries quickly, i.e., breathable.