Children’s Wedding Guest Dresses

What formalwear choice for children? If you look for so many ideas for small invited to a wedding, remember that in addition to the elegance of the children need the comfort to move around freely. In fact they too are often invited to weddings of friends and family: the children on these occasions must be elegant but without forgetting that they also have the right to be comfortable and to play outdoors. Usually, if there are many children, the spouses will also have thought of a place with a garden where they can have fun during lunch and reception. And here for you parents the first good news: next to brands that make beautiful clothes for children but with dizzying prices, there are others who create equally beautiful without spending a fortune.

Comfort and elegance for small

Such as those for adults, even the vestments Children have the pricesvery high. Actually pay 300 euro a dress is a bit ‘crazy, especially considering that the children grow up very quickly and that perhaps may not even be worn again. That’s why, instead of clothes too pompous, it would be best to choose something that kids can reuse. For the girls aflowered dress with sweater and matching and for children’s shorts blue with a polo or a shirt white.

Price aside, however, the key thing is that in addition to elegance and style to the gown, is also comfortable. Put also in mind that the little love getting dirty, it’s inevitable, and on an occasion like this where they can have fun with other children certainly can not spend all afternoon and stay alert to any stains. Then for them often at weddings they are organized games and entertainment: considered so that their elegant dress might even break or stain. It is worthwhile to spend so much?

Clothes for boys and girls

For girls are always good classic frocks or dresses with balloon skirt: when they are a bit ‘more you grandicelle you can also add some accessory like a headband on your hair. If we will be the bridesmaids, you can also expect something more elegant, perhaps with a wreath of flowers on his head. Instead avoid the too rigorous for boys: Absolutely out dress a child like a little husband, perhaps with a tight mini classic or, worse, with the tuxedo: small children should not be so dressed by large clothing like dark suits with tie in miniature, but they should be left free to be comfortable and at ease. Opt for the pants and blouse in pastel tones, combined with a sweater or cardigan with round neckline.