Chic Wedding Guest Dresses

There are not many occasions to wear formal dresses long and, when the right requires marriage, the chic invited can indulge themselves and choose the most suitable dress to your taste. Wear a long dress ceremony can be difficult: the advice is to wear a model suitable to your appearance is your style. To choose the right dress along the type of ceremony is important to be selective in which you will participate, their role during the big day, and now of course, place and season of receipt. This will make it easier to find the solution. Whether bridesmaids, witnesses, mothers, or simple invited, the dress that suits you is there waiting for you.

Models and colors for the long dresses wedding

Long it does not mean to seriously force. Of course, in most cases a long dress is elegant and chic, but there are several elements to consider, small details that decreed the look of your style. First, to avoid wearing a very suitable model to your appearance, think about what part of the body enhance, if the neckline, the waist or shoulders. For curvy women, for example, the advice is to not prefer loose clothing, but to opt for more sober and chic models that can be in-line, to empire, mermaid or frock. If you are minute, careful not to overdo it with flounces and frills, which will make you disappear between layers silk, tulle and chiffon . Better a simple dress with clean lines, perhaps with a touch of extra color. Just talking about colors, for example, here’s another important question arises: what are the most suitable colors for a wedding gown? Here the answer requires some premises. First of all, check the event time you participate if it is an evening reception, better to opt for more sober and dark colors, like black, blue, or red, Classicon the most formal ceremonies.


If daytime reception, however, the colors will be more varied, feel free to wander among the pastel colors and daring with floral applications and fantasy prints.

Another element that may determine your choice long gown is the season of the wedding. With spring in progress and the summer approaching, the colorful proposals are not lacking, and the ‘invited you can really have fun with the color scale. Despite being more mischievous than winter, the summer clothes are no less elegant.

The brand suitable for the ceremony along

Long dresses, where to find them? If you do not know where to look for your dress elegant and chic ceremony, here are some tips. For those who love the ‘haute couture, brand like Luisa Spagnoli, Carlo Pignatelli and Pierre Cardin will offer different possibilities.


If you prefer to go to savings, even more brand low cost as H & M or MaxMara not disappoint. In short, the options are many, Mirror yourselves, decide which gown suits you and dive headlong into a healthy day of shopping!