Charles Tyrwhitt – an Affordable Baskostym

As loyal followers might have noticed tend many of the brands that we show up here at our site to be in the higher price segment. We rarely write nor the price of a commodity. One of our thoughts is that the things we highlight will be the inspiration for your readers. Our ambition is not to present a uniform that will be purchased outright. Quite often, we read among the comments that you readers will contribute to the mentioned alternatives to the products that we show up. It is not uncommon that we get emails and questions about other brands in the lower price ranges. For this reason, today’s text will be an account of a suit that we’ve tried from the affordable British brand Charles Tyrwhitt.

On our last visit to London we took that in addition to watching the company’s products in their largest store on Jermyn Street to talk with representatives from them. In this way we were able to better form our own opinion about the company and their products.

Charles Tyrwhitt is a British lifestyle brand that is somewhat reminiscent of Hackett though at a slightly lower price range. The concept is reminiscent of the preppy brands represented in both the US and Sweden, and selling a dream of a lifestyle. In Charles Tyrwhitts case it is the classic British style at the center. Their range extends from casual wear, through formal suits for work, the tuxedo and formal wear.

The company was founded in 1986 by the man with the long name Nicholas Charles Tyrwhitt Wheeler. The focus was originally quality shirts at a good price. Precisely this is something that the company today is perhaps best known for. They offer constant of 4 shirts for £ 100 which must be seen as incredibly cheap compared to what you get.

The costume that we chose to try and evaluate from their more expensive line that they call luxury and the price is around 400 pounds. There is a suit in half canvas construction which is unusual in this price range. This means that the chest has a floating insert of canvas which will conform well to the wearer over time. It is a very classic navy suit with two buttons, gently sloping pockets and an extra ticket pocket, which is common in British suits. Woolen woven in Yorkshire in the historic weaving Alfred Brown. The silhouette is very narrow to be British, and one of the people we met from the company argued on the test it to feel like “a real bear hug” when the jacket is right. The waist was highlighted as is usual in British costumes and shafts constructed without feeling stiff. We pointed out this and this particular model they say is a result out of the demand among the customers that have emerged in recent times in the form of slightly shorter jacket, higher armholes and slightly softer shoulders. They want to bring this to some sort of continental average, compared with, for example, their suit under the name London Shrunk more classic British in the cut. We want to say, however, is subjective. A southern European would hardly say that this is either soft or continental but relatively British. Jacket sleeves have functioning buttonholes and buttons of beef which also contributes to a pleasant overall impression.

The pants are slim cut with a high waist and sits exactly in the way that we want a suit trousers will sit. On this type of suit, we prefer a slightly more classical length Foot width and think they’ll be without impact.

Overall, we think the suit is affordable and provides a good baskostym who also teaches keeping long as both quality and fashion-wise. If we are to criticize anything it was the deposit that was not quite perfect. It was formed folds on the back sleeve when the man stood with his arms straight down. This could be a change tailors However adjust. If it depends on the wearer’s body shape or the manufacturer left unsaid. Some adjustments on a suit, however, tend to be standard in the purchase of the factory ready assembled.

The important thing when buying this type of garment is the expectations of the consumer. Sometimes it feels as if some want to fool the market by buying something that actually would cost much more. In the case of the suit above is certainly affordable. You get a suit that compete with glued variants of inferior fabrics for the corresponding prize. However, it is easy to be disappointed if you expect to get a suit that is “worth” double or more. For objectivity’s sake, we also want to mention that the author himself bought the suit from Charles Tyrwhitt, but at a reduced price.

At the price of the goods was one we came in on the meeting with the company and there are several reasons why they can offer such low prices that, despite doing. First of all, they own all of their stores themselves which gives a better control. The handles 70% of sales through its own warehouse in Milton Keynes. They have a very good cost control and growing slowly and carefully.

They stand not to deny that much of the production takes place in the Far East. They wished that more of the production took place in the UK but then the costs become too high. Tyrwhitt also working with large quantities of which are difficult to handle for domestic producers. Today is only their coats, shoes and ties in the UK and their knitted products in Italy.

One thing the company themselves happy to enter the service. The owner is very careful to point out that it builds up and destroys a company in the same way, through a customer at a time. The owner himself will answer all e-mails sent to him. They also have a 6-month warranty and the customer is offered at any time within 6 months of purchase to return the goods in their state at any time to a full refund, which is to say the least generous policies.

Overall, we must say that many of Charles Tyrwhitts products feel good and affordable. One thing we would recommend now that the Christmas and New Year approaching, and the need for a tuxedo might is greatest for most of us, is the company’s festive clothing. They have a good assortment of tuxedos, shirts and accessories for just this purpose at great prices.