Chanel Fall-Winter in the Paris Fashion Week

Belle Brumell It is the name that the Kaiser chose for this collection full of glamour and sophistication. Inspired by the English dandy and his necktie knots complexes, Lagerfeld proposes a woman Chanel for the Autumn-winter 2009/10 very different from which so far you have seen, but rather keeping the typical line of la Maison de Coco Chanel.

The black and white they were the prevailing colors in a collection that shows the sobriety of certain pieces made with very feminine touches. Something that the great Coco managed to effortlessly and which Lagerfeld mimics perfectly with your personal touch. Some touches of pale pink and a strange Green is not my favorite, but who here has a role in the jade pieces it shown in jewelry and even footwear.

The classic white shirt, according to breathtakingdresses, it is reinterpreted in all its possibilities and gives Black a touch more casual and sober. Collars and cuffs of flyers, Remember me much the guards of the Tower of London with their flat hats and their goals to the neck. A mixture between the sobriety of costume tailor and the most dramatic sunset of the ancient English Kingdom.

Pants now if that made an appearance. Wide leg with Valencia in the ring. A spectacular fall and a flawless cut.

But with the emergence of green and light pink collection began to be a both corny, Lagerfeld makes a leap and leads to leather dresses with dramatic necklines. Details about rhinestones belts printed you a femininity that design itself was super sensual.

Another leap with a adjusted Mono the body whose inspiration can be Miró and your pictures, or perhaps an African tribal drawing. That part was what less I could enjoy the collection. It is as if the 90’s and MC Hammer they had suddenly become. Although the jackets languorously in embroidery if that were a success.

The Classic tweed suit He appeared again with a bicolor frayed style and in mint green that I did not like anything. But also with a soft pink tone very Jackie Kennedy. The leather jackets they were reinterpreted in a style of “bomber” with volume and apparently very warm.

The long evening dresses gave another roll-over with a mixture of as style hunting jackets and a few laps chiffon skirts Black with white background, as well as whole with this style chiffon dresses. A medieval drama that was in accordance with the touch of Beefeater. a very Elizabethan touch to a collection that also featured elements of the 1970s with long dresses of Cashmere.

This time the shoes were not my worship, but I noticed that the heaters They seem to return in a form not wrinkled as the eighty but more lisa to complete the outfit. Something which I had seen in London street fashion two years ago.