Chanel, a Modern Princess Necklace

This exquisite necklace is from the collection Spring-Summer 2009 Chanel. Clasp that is closing is so splendid that I do not know if you get it right or upside down.

The materials that have been used is metal, glass and plexi accounts. A whirlwind of chains of different designs and the ever-present double C of the maison.

Elegant and sophisticated as a few adjectives, sure you can imagine with a pronounced neck evening dress: stunning Chanel.

A cabochon is a piece of jewelry or jewellery where it has set an opaque stone usually polished and polished a single surface. This Maxi-Chanel necklace formed it white resin cabochones, currently called a bib necklace (collar bib).

Spectacular by its size and its design, it adapts to the movement of the body parts articulated among them. It is one of parts of exception their selection of jewelry.

In this picture you see the collar and Bracelet going to game, fantastic ensemble worn by the image of Chanel model. Sophisticated and luxurious, we will have to choose a special occasion to take it.