Cavour Menswear-An Interesting Norwegian Newcomer

There will be more and more new players in classic clothing and today we will look at one of these. In the spring, a first collection out in stores in Scandinavia from the interesting start-up brand Cavour Menswear. Manolo went to Oslo to meet the founders and look at the clothes.

The company started by brothers Sebastian and Richard Scharnke and their friend Fredrik Blindheim is therefore based in Oslo, where also the trio previously worked as store managers and buyers for the shop Höyer the Oslo Metro. After several years in the industry and with an extensive network in Italy started the idea of an own brand to emerge.

They felt that it was missing a tag with the look and design of the most classic Italian men’s clothing brands such as Canali, and Caruso, but at a more affordable price. The fit is more adapted to the thin Scandinavian customer while maintaining the light shaft, formfitting breast pocket and rolled wide. Garments must also have a really good cut, fine materials and a so called halvkanvaskonstruktion. This meant that the inserts that fixes fabric is not pasted without sewn and across the top of the jacket’s front so that chest party and kind.

As a result, the garment over time will shape themselves better after the carrier and not bubbling or lose fit which a glued construction can bring. Price is important, and should be attractive and in the same price range, such as Oscar Jacobson, Tiger of Sweden, or HUGO is big in this price segment today but with a fixed construction. Coats will depending on the fabric to cost between € 4000-5000 and € 5000-6000 a suit about to clear to keep those prices with the more time consuming kanvaskonstruktionen garments are produced in China.

We asked a little bit about how the company’s quality assurance of production and whether they think the country of production can affect customers ‘ willingness to shop?

The founders then told a bit more about the factory, one of China’s largest in clothing with about 30 000 employees. They have a long history and produces for many international brands and stores including Z Zegna, Bogie and Barneys NYC to name a few.

They have agents in Italy who acts as an adviser and as a link to Europe and the United States, and these places extremely high demands on quality and product. The trio are communicating largely with just a touch of Italy responsible for this and it has worked great. They have also taken time and tried to find a product and design that they are happy with.

Now in the beginning, they have chosen to work with Chinese fabrics but are already in the autumn to offer fabrics from some of the leading Italian manufacturers as Loro Piana and Vitale Barberis Canonico.

In the first place, it is just jackets and suits that will be the company’s focus. They will, however, also be shirts and knitted garments in the collection. The shirts are sewn in China and has a distinct Italian aesthetics. The more formal shirts have an elegant cutawaykrage, subtle colors and designs as well as exclusive Pearl buttons and will cost £ 1199. The more casual skjortutbudet have softer collars and fabrics in linen and denim and chambray and will cost £ 1399. It has also been inspired by the main skjortmakarna from Napoli and the trio are working right now to develop a shirt with 6 hand-stitched elements with a higher armpit. The shirt is one of the more exciting news coming already to next autumn collection according to Calculatorinc.

When it comes to the knitted garments so they come from one of the premier cashmere producers in this area. They have a huge factory and is even listed on the stock exchange and is used by famous brands all over the world. The range extends from Merino Wool to a mixture of wool/cashmere or 100% cashmere. We tried a sweater in 70% wool 30% cashmere which has a wonderfully luxurious feel and a relatively tight fit.

The garments will as I said to land in stores after the end of the year in Norway and on to the next season, the trio going into the Swedish market. It’s really great to see this type of investments in Scandinavia and think that if they only manage to build a brand around the product so it will go really well. Considering the price, it feels the products really well and you just have to manage to convince us brand-thirsty consumers about the same.