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DIY Ideas To Create With Recycled Wall Clocks

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Each time makes more sense recycling in our homes, since as you know, the majority of the objects that we believe that they are already useless, we always end up giving shaped to give it a new life, thanks to the internet today can find the idea or the creative spark to use virtually any object to create another. As well, today turn them to wall clocks. (more…)

Luxury: Watches

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The clock is often said to be the only accessory we men can wear it up in a neat way. And in the not-too-flooded Mr jewelry industry, I am willing to agree with. “your watch says who you are” is another cliche that moves in these contexts. Manolo invites here on two really great looking wristwatches in two totally different price ranges. Whether the clock says who you are, or if you combine it with other jewelry, so is a clock almost a must for all adult men. Not least in order to keep track of the time. And then I have taken with your high-tech mobile phone of the calculations.


Expensive Luxury Watches Online – A Little Advice

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The online shopping of luxury watches is a pretty risky undertaking, because clocks are just luxury goods – and luxury goods cost much money. That this fact is the one or other black sheep, may be understandable. We clarify what should be considered and where you can shop safely in this article.

Buy a Smartwatch VS Smartband

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Surely you are looking for a gift for these dates, and one of the options you will be shuffling is to give away a technological device.Maybe you’re thinking of buying a smartwatch or a smart bracelet?Or maybe both? But to really know the differences between a Smart Watch and a Smartband… We tell you.

Nomon Watches, Steel Collection of Modern Wall Clocks

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4i Nomon Suspension Points Watch Nomon is a Spanish manufacturer of modern timepieces which is one of the leading worldwide companies in the manufacture of modern wall clocks.His pieces are known all over the world and imported from any corner.A large part of its current production is destined for other countries.

Smart Bracelet: Huawei Talkband B1 Review

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This new product from Huawei manages to combine what most people know as smartwatches and quantitative bracelets. Huawei TalkBand B1 comes to be a hybrid between these two technologies which will allow us to synchronize with our Smartphone and at the same time measure our physical training, all this in a simple format of bracelet with a small and simple […]

Garmin Forerunner 910XT Analysis: User Reviews and Prices

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Bienvenid@s to our guide on Garmin Forerunner 910XT! Garmin Forerunner 910XT is a watch with GPS features MultiSport thought for triathletes and demanding athletes to the end. It is an intelligent device with which you can make a progressive tracking of all your sports performance: time, distance, pace, heart rate and even height, thanks to […]

Moto 360, Reasons Why To Buy This Smart Watch

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The Moto 360 is already on our wrists, is one of the most awaited watches with Android Wear of the season. We tell you things that you should know about this smart watch and that will surely make your teeth very long and sharp. We tell you its technical data, price and features.

History of the Clock Until NOMON

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Mechanical clock: It is a science that studies the forces on the bodies and movements that produce. Study of the machines (construction and operation) From this point of view modern watches are machines that mark the passing of time. Dimension field is never easy, set limits on time, which is the beginning and the end, […]

New GPS Watches From Nike and Polar

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In issue 5 of Runner’s World, we will present a test of different GPS-watches. But this is an area where there will be new models. Last in line is the Nike with its first GPS watch and Polar with a new version designed for triathletes. Runner’s World has not had time to test any of […]

Luminor 1950 – New Watch by Panerai

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The Luminor 1950 combines a sporty automatic calibre with a chic Black ceramic case made of zirconium oxide. He is Matt Black and very athletic. At the Geneva Watch fair 2015 Officine Panerai will present its new Fly back chronograph: the Luminor 1950 combines a sporty automatic calibre with a chic Black ceramic case made of zirconium […]

A Handmade Clock to Decorate Our Wall

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Sometimes we have a big wall to decorate and we do not get to choose any way to decorate it that we like. Either we put something big to flood the entire wall, or we put several small things that will splatter it. After trying several options nothing convinces us and then what do we ? Well […]

At The Beginning Stood The Time

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We can see the rooms and thus the distances with the naked eye. But what about time? It remains, at first, something abstract, difficult to grasp. And yet man has succeeded in determining the time to the nanobearch. How was it possible to penetrate into such exact spheres? What evolutionary steps had time-gauges on the way to the omnipresent wristwatch, […]

Home Wall Clocks

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As functional as aesthetic, the clocks stopd home are essential elements to any person. Regardless of the style with the dress room, nor the type of decoration that look the wall, always should be a space for placement of watches.