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Tomtom Touch

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The activity wristbands are very good companions if we want to be healthier and overcome us day by day. That’s why I’m very happy to announce that thanks to fitnesdigital you can take the TomTom Touch in#SuperConcursoOperacionBikini. (more…)

How To Choose Bathing Suit For This Summer?

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An essential of the summer season is the swimsuit. However, it is not always easy to choose one before such choice and trends. One, two or three pieces? In Revolución Mama we tell you … (more…)

H & M Presents Its New Collection Of Swimsuits And Bikinis

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The hottest days of the year they have already arrived and brands of clothes displayed their latest proposals to go to the last this summer. 

Swimsuits for The Beach

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NOT all swimsuits are functional for a vacation on the beach. Returning from vacation for a week at the beach I realized that not all bathing suits carrying in my bag were “comfortable” to be in the sea. I give you a few tips which are bathing suits that you can not get to the […]

The Perfect Swimwear for Your Body Type

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The countdown for the Easter holidays began.If you have plans to go to a beach or just apply the Acapulco on the roof over the weekend, here we present the best cuts in swimsuits according to your body type.

Once You Start Mixing Bikinis, You’re Not Going To Stop!

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Bored of your bikinis? Try to remove them and show them in a new way. Dare to combine bikinis in different ways and you will see that the possibilities of being beautiful multiply. The swimwear fashion for this summer 2014 is renewed showing us how to make these bikini mixes with success. Even the remains of sales can be used […]

How to Choose the Right Bikini For Your Body

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The choice of the bikini must not only be according to tastes, colors and designs. You must also choose a swimwear according to your body, depending on what you want to hide or pretend.

Swimwear: Fashion Is Vintage

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The vintage conquers the world of swimwear: this summer, thanks to the proposals of the fashion houses and the choices of vip on beaches around the world,  the look 1950s depopulated with bikini casti and sensuality, with polka dot prints and pastels, or entire pin-up. This trend, however, don’t have to worry about the curvy, which inded can make the roundness one strength through containment and culotte necklines winking. Here are some ideas from the collections Summer 2015 for a holiday ultra feminine.

Bikinis Swimwear Discount

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Going soon to the Sun and looking for a new swimsuit glamour and cheap ? Looking for a swimsuit of relief at lower price history to not wear the same all summer? This is great because our site offers in this moment beautiful bikinis from 3 euros : no doubt, this is indeed true! It’s the […]

Do You Have Curves?-Choose Your Bikini This Summer

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Bikini test is a hard confrontation with his body that every woman has to suffer every summer. If this year has gained some pounds more and want to disguise it chooses the bikini that best adapts to your body we are presenting the best proposals for the season!

Swimwear For The Summer

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Without a doubt, the summer is always synonymous with heat, but also for trips to the beach and evenings eternal lying in the sand sea enjoying and admiring the beauty of the women who are there (and their bikinis, of course).

The Summer Swimwear

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With the summer heat in the capital throughout the last week and the holidays approaching, it is time to review the offer of swimwear in the closet. When it comes to swimwear, there are several ways to go. One can go for a sober monochrome model that extends to mid-thigh or select just the opposite, […]

Swimwear 2013 Decathlon

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You are a sporty woman who does not want to give up the glamor on the beach?The beachwear collection Decathlon is made just for you! The swimsuit choice is always difficult but the proposals of the brand Decathlon for summer 2013 are very bright and sparkling, costumes suitable for all sports women but not only! The new collection […]

Swimwear Ralph Lauren Reviews

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Ralph Lauren has in Serbia for us a collection of swimwear for the ‘summer 2012 really very beautiful that ranges between models inspired by a more sophisticated style and class, in the tradition of the brand in the end, and the liveliest models and saucy dedicated to fashion victims young people can choose from colorful prints and especially floral, striped designs […]

Swimwear Tory Burch

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Tory Burch presents his splendid collection of swimwear for the summer 2012 and just as we noticed looking through the catalogs of other collections of the big brands, the model that is valued is still that of the one-piece swimsuit. Tory Burch obviously enriches exploiting fantasies and vivid color combinations and barazzini, reasons that are also included in the bikini line, both […]

Eight Maternity Swimsuits To Be The Most Beautiful Beach

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Bathing suits have become a must have and are gaining much ground to bikinis. For moms are absolutely divine models that are perfectly suited to the different months of pregnancy. Opt for swimsuits with strategic draping, with different necklines and cheerful or elegant prints. What is your favorite designs? Swimsuit in contrast Maternity bathing suit in blue klein trimmed in black […]

Right Bikini Tops for the Summer from

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When summer is knocking on it is important to prepare your summer wardrobe, so that we can be well dressed for the hot weather. An important part of this is the bikini. Every year, bikini comes in many new styles to suit the season’s fashion in shape and color. However, you can buy bikini tops […]