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Sweaters For The Winter 2016: The Most Glamorous Models

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Inside the new collections nestle several sweaters for the winter 2016,many glamor models to achieve looks very hot and stylish. Whether turtlenecks, woven, smooth, short-sleeved or braids adorned with these garments, during the colder months, are absolutely essential. We saw one of the protagonists of different fashion shows and now you have to choose which ones to put in their wardrobe. What are the best? Let’s find out together.


Best Christmas Sweaters 2013

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The Christmas sweaters are all those models made of wool, usually blue, red, green or white, and featuring embroidery, inspired by the characters and the Christmas motifs. Discover what are the proposals of the 2013 Christmas Jumpers.


How to Find Christmas Sweaters Online

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The heavy wool sweaters, comfortable wraparound ones we gave the grandmother and we wore at Christmas, the ones we used at home while out down the snow … well, the ones: are back!They came back really great in the sense that it is now no longer wear maglioncioni found fortuitously in some market or inherited […]

How to Care for a Sweater

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When you have a vintage sweater frequently you have to take greater care than current clothing. This is due to that currently the mixture of natural fibres with synthetic, as well as advances in textile technology, make clothes easier washing, being possible to throw them both washing machine and drying without that they lose their […]