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Trends Spring-Summer 2013: We Set Off Towards East

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This spring fashion puts heading to far East with and exotic prints that remind us that there are China and Japan and increasingly matter more in fashion. The catwalk trends they fill with obis, kimonos, harem pants, garments created using techniques of origami, floral prints and delicate details that remind us how Asians. (more…)

Inspired by The World of Ballet to Create a Full Look of Movement

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Today is the International dance day, There are days for everything, but I have to admit it makes me special joy the commemoration today. I like to dance, especially ballet. Dance has always been a source of inspiration for the brands, designers and the fashion world in general. In Tredencias We propose some garments inspired by the universe of the dance. (more…)

By The Raja of Your Skirt? Do Not Say Pants?

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Forget the pants with zippers or openings in the sides, now seems that the latest are pants with slit at the front. Those that allow you to show those shoes that you purchased and you die by teach.

Skirts for Different Body Types

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Trends autumn winter: only true protagonist. Discover the model suits your forms Wear the skirt means finding the strength to get in the game and to win their own insecurities, rather than a mere desire to follow fashion. On the other hand as Marie Von Ebner-Eschenbach used to say “just fashion becomes of all, fashion […]

Ways to Wear Mini Skirts

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It’s time to reclaim the miniskirt from the bottom of your wardrobe. The play won the walkways and promises to be the big trend of 2016 The long skirts and midi finally opened ticket and now is the time of miniskirt dictate fashion in 2016! If you needed an extra incentive to bet on miniskirts […]

Becomes a New Trend of Street Style: Knot You Shirt to The Waist

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With This revival that are taking the 90 these past months we are rediscovering ourselves with trends and accessories that we had forgotten. A few days ago we talked about one of the black spots of that decade, the Fanny Pack and now it is the turn to sleeves knotted at the waist.

The Fashion Week May Be + Guest List Sweepstakes

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Next week we go the fashion week and I am already quite wild in the vertebrae and put into the preparations, because although thrilling and exciting is hardly a time in Berlin as the fashion week, but hardly a time must exactly planned to. Everywhere there are shows, parties and events and is virtually impossible […]

Wearing a Tulle Skirt

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Have you ever thought of wearing a tulle skirt? If the answer is no, then you know that this is one of the most interesting trend this winter season 2014! That’s right, apparel born in the field of dance, peep this year in some of the most chic collections of major fashion brands internationally. He has shown on several […]