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Lost Clothing, Tagesoutfits & Amp

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And now we have come in the last day of the year. Crazy. Do I hope, everyone has been big plans for tonight?  (more…)

Plus Size Fashion in The Bauru Mall: Autumn/Winter Trends

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Last week I participated, along with other bloggers, the new autumn/winter campaign of Bauru. The aim was to show that trends will bombing and invite us to learn the news. To a guy from Bauru and region and do not know, the Bauru Mall has some really nice options for plus size. I actually surprised myself, because I visited stores that had never entered before and got silly with the options. Panning and venturing the shops need, my people, so I’m going to show you the looks that I mounted, according to trends, and tell you a little more each store!


Fashionable Plus Size Clothing

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Day, we talked with a friend who had put silicone prostheses. Lady of style and secure your way of dressing, was suddenly lost. Yes. Even not exaggerated the amount, placing a prosthesis that can be considered standard, namely, of medium size, began to find his clothes all wrong and feel your clothes out of context. […]

Rebel Wilson Plus Size Clothing Line

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It was only a matter of a short time before someone noticed Rebel Wilson as a stylist for a fashion collection dedicated to plus sizes. Here is that the American brand Torrid, known for its line dedicated to women curvy and buxom, chose precisely the actress as his muse and designer.

Seasonal Job Outerwear

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We have dealt with the classic overcoat and overcoat but for those who know that the days of the jacket and suit is easy to count, we have options for a smart casual in casual interpretation. Depending on temperature and climate, there are lots of nice options that keep the style in the winter.

Wardrobe Cornerstones – the Blue Jacket

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Last time we mentioned button-down shirt, and now it’s time for another cornerstone of the male wardrobe. We’re talking today about the blue jacket. A garment that we believe that every man should own, but that can look very different depending on the season, cut and details. Whether it concerns a stronger flannel for the […]

Spring 2014 – Hardy Amies

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Now we start again in earnest after the winter break and the Pitti Uomo and looks today almost on a trademark not received as much attention here at our site. This concerns Hardy Amies, a manufacturer dating back to Savile Row and has some gold nuggets in its range.

Shirts in Big Sizes

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Shirts are among the favorite items in the closet. The casual tops seasonal independent rank on the leaderboards. There are short and long sleeve t-shirts also for strong ladies in larger sizes. Shirts in big size are characterized by their diversity. Shirts actually belong in the category “Leisure look”, but the latest trends are alone […]

What to Wear for the Cultural Contest

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Have you heard of the talk about the cultural contest? Officer Look of the day rest assured because the battle of looks is already coming to an end. Too bad, because we’re going to miss you!  We love receiving the invitation to participate in the competition, have accompanied these last few months the national repercussions of the […]

Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Trend Forecast

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Each season, fashion is faced with challenges. Summer brings its brilliance and joy that if transformed into trends – printing. The summer fashion 2016 promises many trends, but actually people are interested in those which are more usable. That is to say, those parts are  not only concepts, but also totally available for everyone. Or, it is not a fashion […]

Black Dress Plus Size Evening

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Black dresses are ideal for elegant occasions and evening events. The especially exclusive color, black could make plus size evening wear extremely elegant and stylish. Black is a very popular color for elegant evening wear. Whether the cocktail party with friends, the opera or the romantic dinner for two people, black dresses give the wearers elegance and […]

Sleepwear Sets for Plus Size Men

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Many people have an outfit for sports, work, banquet, it is also normal to have an outfit for the night sleep. There are many different ways to combine with a set of sleepwear. Some swear the classic pajamas, while others combine the pants from pajamas with a t-shirt or a thin sweater. Whether you are […]

How to Wear Linen Pants for Plus Size Ladies

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If you want to buy some new pants, you should notice the type of fabric makes all the difference. The plus size pants made with soft materials in stylish silhouettes will provide you with both elegance and comfort. Linen trousers are especially suitable for business or formal occasions, but not proper for casual occasions like […]

Skate Shoes With Arch Support

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If you are the type who spends much free time in sports or in skate parks, you will need a pair of skate shoes. Skate shoes are specially designed to accommodate the needs of skaters. The flat soles are equipped with functional grooves, which make it easier to stand firm on the skateboard. The skateboard […]

White Lace Bra In Large Sizes

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Beate bras are really nice. Manufactured in soft and stretchy micro fiber and adorned with a beautiful blonde. There is a bra that provides good support and at the same time it is very comfortable. It has convolution and hangers. It has extra wide side pieces. And it is closed on the back with wide […]

Top Online Shopping Sites For Plus Size Clothes

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Many have been wondering where to buy big size clothing. I myself have wondered about that one can buy plus size clothes in the various online stores. But don’t worry, there are still a few places where you can buy plus size clothes on the Internet. I have found many of them, which I’ve used […]