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Seven Tricks To Make Sure That You Buy The Right Bra

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There are women who love the moment to buy a bra, and others that hate it: to the end and after the supposed face in the mirror with critical eyes and with the conviction that will never be you to the models of Victoria’s Secret


Tips to Choose the Sports Bra

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Very common is that at the start in the sport not are you of the sports bra that we would need sufficient importance and keeps pulling the conventional. This is a grave mistake, because every day Bras do not provide enough subject, so it can create lesions in the chest, in addition to be very uncomfortable for the physical activity and not sweating, which in turn is little toilet. The main function of the sports bra is to protect MOM and avoid the impact as well as injuries also favours your pick up. (more…)

Why Do You Need A Good Sports Bra?

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Hello girls! Today we want to tell you some important things about breast care and above all if you play any sport that causes a rebound in the chest.

How to Choose the Right Sports Bra: Keys to the Perfect Garment

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Choosing a sports bra that is adapted to our physical is key. It depends on the future strength of the chest, it is still a topic that not all women will dominate. They do it with models of daily and much less those exclusively used to go to the gym or go jogging.

Underwear That Seduces

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No wonder that everyone is concerned about its image abroad and always want to look good through the clothes, but Oh great error!, although no one see you underwear can not neglect this aspect, since using the correct feel extremely sexual and able to conquer, and more this February 14.

How to Choose the Best Sports Bra for You

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A good grip of the breast at the time of exercise is important and yet we tend not to pay the attention that deserves. For this reason we have decided to dedicate a post to this topic, to give you know the importance of choosing a good bra depending on the size of our chest […]

How To Wash Bra Correctly

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Because it is a piece that is always in contact with the skin, especially in regions where the sweat is usually more intense, it is important to know how to wash bra properly to maintain good body hygiene.

How to Relieve Breast Pain During Pregnancy

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Simple tips that can ease the pain accompanying women’s breasts during pregnancy Her breasts, as well as other body parts suffer intense transformation during the period of pregnancy. The breasts grow in gestation, are much more sensitive and, unfortunately, usually cause pain during the nine months.There’s no way to put an end to this nuisance. However, there […]

Need a Sports Bra? Search Shock Absorb

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A few years ago that has become fashionable jogging through the city. Are increasingly more people that we are running through the different points of our city or town. The crisis, the price of gyms or just the fact of being outdoors make out jogging increasingly more common practice.

Choosing A Sports Bra

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A sports bra is a female garment whose function is the attachment of the chest, but that is designed specifically for the realization of a sports physical activity. This means that it has additional properties to provide an extra grip that allows the realization of physical exercise with maximum comfort. But before we talk about […]

Seven Out Of Ten Women Do Not Wear Their Size And Bra Cup

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Today we want to share with all of you the interview we were given at El Periódico de Catalunya where we talked about the issues surrounding bra sizes and cups that, as experienced professionals in the sector, we check daily.

Fashion Print Leggings

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Lately I’m always times found again Print Leggings surfing – be it with generous floral pattern, giant animal heads or Galaxy Print. And at H & M, I have now discovered that. At first I found this usually rather showy parts pretty ugly. But as almost always so nunmal with me, the longer I looked at these things, […]

Benefits of Wearing a Sports Bra

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Girls and women often associate sports bra with physical activity, and if you’re one of them, here is a quick look into the benefits of wearing a sports bra. Doctors, experts, and more importantly, everyday women you recommend the use of a sports bra. 1) Avoid Discomfort with a Sports Bra Do you go to […]

How to Choose the Right Size Bra

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Also, you choose your underwear mostly by design? Sure it does, it does so most of us. Cut and shape is much more important. But how to choose the right bra? When you walk down the street, try to look around and you’ll notice how could such an inappropriate choice of harm silhouette figures. Under clothing looming unsightly bulges […]

Benetton Underwear Collection

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Today we present the collection of underwear Undercolors for autumn winter 2010 2011, a line of intimate colorful, fun but also sexy, in perfect Benetton style. The new collection is divided into three lines that are: Poetic Rebel, Strong Appeal and Wool is Cool, together are able to interpret the style of each of us, at any time of the day, […]

How to Choose a Bra Size

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Surely you have some experience with a selection of bras, but if not, never mind. We have advice for beginners who have never worn a bra. It’s a strange feeling when a girl becomes a woman stands before a mirror and discovers that she could wear a bra. We therefore advice for everyone, even for a man who […]

Intimissimi Bras Where to Buy

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Just bring your own linen used in the shop to receive discounts on the collection 2013. The initiative is valid also for costumes Calzedonia. “Recycling pays”: this is the slogan launched by Intimissimi to communicate the initiative of underwear recycling for 2013. The transaction active in all participating outlets throughout the country, makes it well […]

What are the Best Sports Bras

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Sport makes people happy. Regular exercise promotes good health and helps to burn excess body fat.During workout the right clothing can not be missed. More and more fashion labels take fitness clothing on in their program.Sweaty athlete in jogging pants and simple shirts with advertising prints are rarely to be found more in gyms. Those […]

Plus Size Sexy Lingerie

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The distributor in sexy lingerie our site want all your needs in light clothing with new costumes for adults. Disguise yourself as a nurse, maid, schoolgirl or police and spend pleasant evenings. The wholesaler also offers new nightgowns and sexy body that you can wear to sleep well in hot summer nights. It’s a lingerie romantic, charming, incredibly sexy, in a word: […]

Why Wear Leather Lingerie

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Leather is a particularly popular material such as vinyl, PVC and latex. There are leather or vinyl corsets and corset topless, leather or vinyl sexy body. The costume police often from latex suit or leatherette naughty outfits. However, do not wear underwear with leather clothing. What sexy lingerie under her clothes to wear leather? To find out, here are some tips. Why […]