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What Size is Your Ring

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Choose a ring: how to determine its size?

You’re about to you offer a jonc, but not sure the size on your wrist?


Jewelry For Valentine’s Day 2017

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My favorite party of the year is near. This is the most magical and red day of February: Valentine’s Day! So today I want to talk about casual jewelry for this date.

Besides the perfect dress for Valentine, you must choose the right jewelry that will complement your look. According to tradition, the most important symbols for Valentine’s Day are hearts, cupids, flowers, pigeons and, of course, chocolates.


On a Visit to the Company by Pamela Love

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Nike and I love love love the jewelry by Pamela Love. The stylist, musician and furthermore jewelry designer enchanted us with their very extravagant jewelry all the time on’s new: striking, large, cut rocked and rarely filigree, for it but still damn fine. The jewelry needs a vehicle that performs the beautiful bracelets, opulent chains […]

Outfit: #fearless withOTTO

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I got a dud. So actually I have very many, but it’s not about that now, but only the one: I’m not into dress codes. This does not mean that I no find stupid dress code, on the contrary, the only problem is that I always miss to interpret them. When it comes to properly […]

Bracelets and Watches Together

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Discover the colorful miniature treasures that will characterize the Summer 2015. OPS! Cherie are the latest in home Opsobjects, company that from 2010 combines one pop and fun style to the idea of ​​international fashion design. The fashion jewelry bracelets and watches OPS! Cherie are characterized by bright colors, inspired by the trends of summer […]

Pearl Necklaces with Pendants

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The pearls are measured by millimeters of their diameters. These figures can not say much because those who are not in the business, but for us it is of fundamental importance. This is why we have made this little guide that can help you in choosing your pearls and the following pictures will help you […]

How to Buy Vintage Watches Online

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When we talk of ” vintage “, generally it refers to something produced at least 20 years ago, which maintains superior characteristics for quality and manufacturing compared to current products. In some cases we can speak of ” vintage style ” when it comes to something modern, but built in the style in vogue a few decades ago. One of the […]

How to Wear Large Necklaces

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Introduction In recent months are back in fashion, among the hottest accessories for women, large necklaces: necklaces with big pendants, and heavy metal, wood. The great necklaces are a fundamental part of a fashionable outfit and accentuate its essence. Still, it is very easy to wear them properly, and it’s easy to stumble into some mistakes. That’s why I decided to write this short and simple (but […]

Jewelry Chanel 2013

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The printemps-été 2013 collection by Karl Lagerfeld is made entirely with giant pearls. Another tribute to Coco with a line that maintains the traditional Chanel values ​​through sophisticated and contemporary designs. “It is our culture that prevails in the creation of Maison”, with these words Benjamin Comar, Chanel Joaillerie international director, opened the exhibition dedicated to […]

Of the Precious Card Design Jewelry

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In the heart of the city of Birmingham, in the UK, there is a neighborhood that is the jewel of the city. Jewel in the true sense of the word, because it is a protected area which contains more than 200 national monuments. We are talking of the District of Jewelers, the largest in Europe, full of workshops, […]

Lanvin Jewelry

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Today I propose the jewelry Lanvin for autumn winter 2011 2012, do not expect the usual jewelry and inconspicuous little ones, when there is half Alber Elbaz normality is never around! Lanvin shows us the amazing necklaces that are big, flashy and futuristic, me I fell in love and then will be perfect always show off, in all seasons, of course combined […]


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What to wear jewelry for adornment and rituals may have started as far back as for 7000 years ago, where archaeologists have found evidence that people went with the bracelet of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and China. Early bracelets were made of grass, thin branches and shells, and later copper and bronze. Only after the bronze […]

Why Bracelet Becomes So Popular?

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Bracelet has for centuries had a special charm and even the cheap bracelets, are enjoying increasing popularity. Historically, the bracelet as a piece of jewelry a lot to offer. So get girls from Turkey for the birthday of often small gold bracelet. This should help the girl later, if she does not find a man […]

Ankle Chains

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Ankle chains are a popular piece of jewellery which adorn every girl and woman’s ankles. At the beginning of the 1980s, the ankle chains was a sign of rebellion, but over time ankle chains became modern and an expression of a more sexy appearance. Ankle chains are a piece of jewelry that tend to get […]


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Originating in Asia and the Middle East have earrings had a long history for thousands of years where they were used as garnish, cultural identification and indication of social rank. Earrings can traced back historically to the ancient city of Perspolis in Persia, where the illustrations on the walls depicted soldiers wearing earrings. Earrings was […]

How Many Types of Jewelry Materials

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The collection of silver jewelry in 925 Sterling Silver and is 100% nickel-free and our leather products are all in genuine leather. Silver will be with time black, as it is affected by hydrogen sulfide which is in the air. It is completely natural and can often sanded away with a silver polishing cloth. Part […]