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5 Different Types of Hats

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Heeey lovelies! Who’s always looking for something to complement the look but never know how? Because then … The Hat is a great choice of accessory that lets look so more stripped down and full of style and best of all is that you can use in all seasons and various ways. There are 5 types of hats and I’m going to show you how to use each of them such as baseball caps.

1 – Panama Hat

Of Ecuadorian origin and made of straw, closed plots this type of hat is often used here in Brazil and especially on the beach, but it is a mistake to think that it can only be used with bath output, it can also be used to increment that look of the day more praiano you know? If you like wearing shorts, shirt and sandals, with larguinha Panama Hat will make your look much more stylish. In addition to those that have a style but sports and casual Panama falls very well too.


Stylish and Sensible Women’s Hats

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Extravagant hats have always been a sign of social status, and to imagine little more from the world of the beautiful and rich. But now they are no longer deprived even of the normal citizen and the endless diversity of hats captures the women fashion, there is something guaranteed for all tastes: fancy hats by Alba Moda, Sombreros and hats made of straw for style-conscious summer beauties, caps and cowboy hats are a must for true trendsetters, and in winter a hat probably indispensable companions. But not only regardless of the season hats are always ready for use, according to an appropriate model is also every occasion: elegant, wide-brimmed hats, which may be adorned with a big bow, put a chic evening dress in a way even a cherry on the cake. Combined to the summer dress or bikini top prove large hats as well as shady and at the same time stylish protection from the Sun and make sure that their wearer even at high temperatures kept a cool head.