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Do We Bid Farewell to The Leather Jacket for This Season?

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With the arrival of rich heat the genuine leather jacket are they retracted in retreat. Luckily now you can go without outerwear but always someday that will surprise you and we can continue with our beloved sucks that we do not abandon. A halftime that better not be trusted. Have you dismissed already your leather jacket for this season? Give it a few days before placing it at the bottom of the wardrobe. (more…)

Male Wraps Taking Its Inspiration in The Russian Winter

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For women, it is clear that one of the main inspirations of this autumn winter is the folk, over all the coming from the countries of the former Soviet Union. For men it seems that inspiration also comes from the cold Siberian steppe. The long coats are, they stand out, making men seem so over the Russian mobsters that a few warm shepherds of the field. (more…)

Trends in Men’s Fashion Fall-Winter 08/09: Worker Man

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While the women we will wear this winter with checked shirts, Gothic or the style of the 1940s, men will wear with the classically the workers and employees working outdoors, under harsh climatic conditions and their hands. Hard men. The metrosexual is dead, long live the manly!.

5 Outfit for Baby Tips

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Navigation 1 – outfit for Baby: overalls 2 – outfit for baby: body 3 – outfit for Baby: pants with reversible foot 4 – outfit for Baby: hooded jacket 5 – outfit for baby: body short sleeve Being mother or not, there are those who love and to feel desire to become a mother just […]

The 10 Clothing Essentials from The Autumn/Winter 08-09

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As all seasons, plays we make a recommendation of the articles that can not miss in your wardrobe this fall settings: (1) a big collar to carry on dresses, sweaters or coats. Returns exaggerated jewelry to wear anytime of the day, whether they are stones, as in the parade of Burberry Prorsum, chains or crosses, […]

The Leather Jackets – How to Use Them in This Winter Season

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With each season renewing a classic, and this time, old and leather queridaschaquetas arrive to stay. Yes, the girl look bad gateways now moves to your wardrobe but very stylish. And it is that unlike what we are accustomed to see, now also true colors leather.

Bomber’s Star, Jeans Campaign And Lace, Velvet Leggings

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This week the blog has been loaded with clothes that are pure trend in the street style, in the three looks that I am going to show then we can see also premium above all comfort for every day and it is looks very “wearable” and very “chic” yet.

Tips on Choosing and Combining Jackets for Winter

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Winter is the time to use warm clothes and cover up to the ears. Woman jackets are a perfect complement to these winter months. They are very easy to combine and comfortable to carry because you you can remove and put without problems if you spend heat in the office and on the street’s too cold.

3 Outfits Ideas For Christmas

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The winter season always brings with it many reasons to be happy and living together, being it Christmas the main factor. From the inns, meetings with friends, homemade family dinners, Fireworks and as expected gifts, Christmas is full of fun and excitement from beginning to end. Therefore, that you leave 3 ideas to dress up […]

In the Showroom of H & M – Autumn/Winter 2011

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H & M invited this morning 2011 to showcase their upcoming fall / winter collection and we left it of course not take us to follow the main invitation. Our heart of Studio at the Saarbuckener Street in Berlin served as the perfect location for the pieces of the cold season and let this Tuesday […]

Classic Black Layer Upon Layer Cardigan

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Fantastic nice black Bestaah cardigan in an intriguing profile. This cardigan is very special and incredibly nice to wear. It has two layers, where the innermost layer is a heavy satin. And the outer layer is a light and delicious knitting quality. The outer layer is shorter than the inner and it gives a super […]

Buying a Warm Scarf for the Coming Winter

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You’ve probably already a warm scarf, as the summer months very soon are over. Soon comes the winter. I hope so anyway. If you are missing a warm scarf for men, you can just get one from Wholesaleably at $1.90 and you don’t need to pay shipping fee. So it’s really worth it, that is […]