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Romantic Court, Other Bets Boho Chic for Summer Blouses

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There are items that return time, are reinterpreted and adapted to the trends of the moment and so I think what happens with blouses that have a cote more romantic and subtle in a line that reminds me of certain features garments of Stella McCartney. (more…)

The Panamanian, The Summer Hat

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This summer I decided that my freckles on nose were what I liked after tanning me and that despite the fact that the rest of my skin perfectly tolerates Sun, mat that take more care of my face. So when I went through paradise southeastern Mexico on the first stop of the trip I found the answer to my prayers of style. (more…)

The Summer, and with It, Bermuda

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Summer comes, comes the heat, and what you want to get is dresses and skirts to the girls and boys shorts. Today I bring you some suggestions of new ways of combining Bermuda so not abuseis so vista of Bermuda, most nautical formula more polo (especially locals).

Bikinis Swimwear Discount

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Going soon to the Sun and looking for a new swimsuit glamour and cheap ? Looking for a swimsuit of relief at lower price history to not wear the same all summer? This is great because our site offers in this moment beautiful bikinis from 3 euros : no doubt, this is indeed true! It’s the […]

Look of The Day: Summer

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We continue with the Heat, with some more cloudy days between means, and with the innapropiados temperature changes which are everywhere, from companies, even in the public and private transport, where the air conditioning It is the summer torture which we suffer. So one no longer knows how to dress to not pass heat but […]

White 2016 Beachwear: Rebates Are Coming!

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The markdowns of summer 2016 are falling. On 1 July practically all shops and fashion brands and accessories will have them in their windows, but there is always who the place a few days before.

The Best Beach Bags Tantrend: Style by The Sea

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Now that summer is just around the corner, it’s time we set to work to prepare our closet fund for the upcoming summer season. It is less and less for those days to lie on the beach or in the pool, to give color to our body and to look like the type we have achieved […]

Shopping Guide Summer 06

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We continue with suggestions for shopping this summer. On this occasion we remind you the four strongest trends that we have seen on the catwalks throughout the year. But we do it from the point of view of the garments. But of the colors, patterns and shades that the most prestigious designers have chosen for […]

This Summer King Mount

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“Another year are the”oversized”, “OWL”, or” King mount. Some rumors indicate that it is the last season of this type of glasses, but you never know, that Marc Jacobs and company will tell. This summer you know, a little “OWL” as these six models that we present here. From left to right: Fendi Limited Edition […]

Outfit: The Last Summer’s Day

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I got it so much desired and it has arrived: Last time I ate even a sundae. Last time I have before the Cafe outside for hours sat and enjoyed the Sun. One last time I misplaced my work space on the balcony. Last time I ran around in the tank top and sunglasses. One […]

Designer for Tomorrow!

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The fashion week is in full swing and in the course of which I would like attention you on another highlight: the award show ‘designer for tomorrow’. In the face of this event, I’ll assume this time the Honorable task and will tomorrow, on the day of the show, so fashion ID Instagram account take […]

Summer Inspiration Ovadia & Sons

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We have previously shown up the relatively new American brand Ovadia & Sons here at our site. The brand that is now perhaps the most interesting US has to offer to clothes, started in 2010 by brothers Ariel and Shimon Ovadia in Brooklyn.

Canali Spring / Summer 2014

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One of the strongest players in the classic Italian men’s fashion is undoubtedly Canali. Since 1934 it has provided Italians, American presidents and stylish Swedes with a top clothing. Today the company is run by the third generation Canalis and we have looked into the spring collection.

Corneliani Spring / Summer 2014

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Just like Canali we looked closer at last week’s Corneliani one of Italy’s finest producers of quality suits since over 65 years back. With an understated classic silhouette where craftsmanship and quality to stand in front of extravagant details have climbed professional board, bankers and students from top to toe. We have looked into this […]

Finamore 1925 Spring / Summer 2014

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Last week we looked at Barbas collection for summer and today we remain in the Neapolitan region for another premium manufacturer of classic shirts. It is Finamore 1925 with a perfect cut, hand sewn button holes, shafts and collars seduced style conscious men for nearly 90 years. We looked closely at the company’s spring collection […]

How to Become a Fashion Blogger and Make Money

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Want to be a fashion icon, be photographed with a star and traveling around the world earning well? Then you just have to become a fashion blogger! In this article I will guide you between the various strategies, gives ideas, tips and tricks semi-serious and irreverent to become an it-girl! Want to be the muse of […]

5 Ways to Wear a Cardigan

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Introduction A cardigan is that sweater usually made ​​of wool or cotton, which opens forward by means of buttons, and in some cases through the zipper. Initially they were worn by men, but in the course of time have become a ubiquitous garment in the wardrobe of women. Simple and convenient, it is easy to […]

Fashion Stripes 2016 Summer

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Hello girls! Do you still remember the black and white stripes last year? Now they are back! This trend was launched by Marc Jacobs and returned fever worldwide! There was a joke among the fashionistas, the call of Beetlejuice. Set aside the kidding, the stripes are always a classic. Now they come back again, with various colors and different formats. Check here […]

Eight Maternity Swimsuits To Be The Most Beautiful Beach

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Bathing suits have become a must have and are gaining much ground to bikinis. For moms are absolutely divine models that are perfectly suited to the different months of pregnancy. Opt for swimsuits with strategic draping, with different necklines and cheerful or elegant prints. What is your favorite designs? Swimsuit in contrast Maternity bathing suit in blue klein trimmed in black […]