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Men’s Dockside Shoes

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The Dockside Shoe Is A Newer Model Of The moccasin. Speaking In A Very Simple, It Is A Moccasin With More Expensive. Many People Know Him As “Moccasins With Laces”.

So with the men’s loafer, the dockside suffered a lot of prejudice for years, but came with everything in fashion, especially in warmer weather. By having a sleek, but stripped, he has attracted the attention of many young people who are interested in fashion.


Men’s Casual Shoes: Some Tips For Choosing The Best

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From casual shoes for men, and through boots, sandals and footwear, to the most comfortable high heel shoes for women, you will find the best options; And in this blog, some tips to choose the ideal shoes for all type of occasion. (more…)

How to Care for Suede Shoes?

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Suede is possibly the most delicate care for in a pair of shoes, material because of itself is a texture that attracts stains and that when this occurs it is virtually impossible to get rid of them, this is compounded by being in place possibly more problematic Assembly and therefore more exposed to stains. Yet […]

3 Shoes for All Your Days

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Fashion is a go and come from styles. Constantly changes and evolves. Flexi is characterized by its models of footwear of Vanguard which can be combined with items that we use every day. Today we recommend three models of shoes of Lady as the best option for this season. If you want to take a […]

Snow Shoes

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The winter is coming and to be able to continue enjoying our breaks contact to nature, we should bear in mind that a simple stroll in these wintry conditions, could become a struggle and an unnecessary effort, if we do not take our rackets. It is the form more easily and efficiently, to advance in the Virgin […]

Sneakers: Between a Sporty and Casual Shoe

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The question about whether the sneakers, a very popular footwear, are rated between a casual or sporty shoe has arisen in the minds of many supporters of this footwear.

Sailing Shoes – You Can Wear That Yet?

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At some point, I had Seglelschuhe. The model of timberland with the extra stuffiness. Because I studied law, nor any other neat polo shirt area but, the leather treads were not observed, rather well despised. While that is actually nonsense. My best friend studied business administration and no, she would never touch this kind of […]

Chloe Fall 2011 – Strip, New Romanticism, A Few Snakes And The 70s

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Sometimes the catwalk fever grabs me. I then sit and let images of past fashion weeks lull me, take me in a dream land of colors, cuts and fabrics. Chloe has me so far for some reason by the cloth gone – here so a „ obituary “. Hippieske trains and the need for a […]

NYFW15 Outfits: It’s Time for Daisies

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My last day in New York has arrived and somehow it feels like, when I would leave this city for weeks although I was really only 8 days here. But there were intensive 8 days in which I experienced incredibly learned a lot, and of course have shootings. Now that it’s almost over, I’m a […]

Converse All Star: Versatile, Modern and Eternal School Shoes

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Just follow a blog that everyone has kind of realize that I am a supporter and defender of tennis.Here they appeared already showing how to use at work , as comfort and style option for day-to-day, how to use tennis in the summer, and recalling the famous Adidas Superstar. But the same classic that never dies (and never leaves my feet) […]

Booties for Women

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Booties or short female boots have become an indispensable part of the modern woman’s wardrobe. There are many variants with deferent designs from studs and buckles to the simple and classic. The short boots can be worn with all kinds of clothes from the nice dresses to skinny jeans. The stylish booties are a really […]

High Top Sneakers for Girls

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If you combine sneakers, boots and high heels at one and at the same time, you will get high-top sneakers. Then you will have the possibility to find one on High-top sneakers are for shoes that go high up above the ankle, but also sneakers which feature a large, high heel. In other words, […]

Skate Shoes With Arch Support

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If you are the type who spends much free time in sports or in skate parks, you will need a pair of skate shoes. Skate shoes are specially designed to accommodate the needs of skaters. The flat soles are equipped with functional grooves, which make it easier to stand firm on the skateboard. The skateboard […]

How to Wear Anklets Socks for Ladies

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If you’d like to take good care of your feet, the collection of anklet socks for ladies is a good choice to start. Anklets socks are shorter than regular socks, since they stop right at the ankle. They can be practical if you go with sandals and style shoes. A summer outfit can quickly come […]

Huge Deals on Sneakers with Smartguy

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I don’t think that you can get too many sneakers, so when there suddenly is 50% discount sneakers, I think it is worth checking out. It’s not every day that it is possible to get so many new sneakers without having to pay a lot of money for it. So let us take a closer […]

Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers for Your Kids in School

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Many have written to us and asked if we can not give more examples on sneakers. In particular, the Nike Air force 1 ask many after. So I’ve looked around a bit on the Internet and looked where they can be purchased at, and here are examples of some cool Nike Air force 1 sneakers. […]

Choosing a Hiking Shoe for Women

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When you are going on a hiking or soft trekking is a set of solid footwear is a must-have. The rugged sole makes that you can find solid foothold on virtually any surface. In addition, contributing to the high, strong and supportive ankle to your feet, ankles and provide for optimum support, and this reduces […]

Running Shoes with Spikes for Women: Adidas & Nike

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Running shoes with spikes for women Do not prevent the weather and seasons! With a couple of cool running spikes for sport you can cross virtually any terrain. When conditions are harsh, have running shoes with spikes for ladies no substitute! The powerful spikes of iron makes sure that you can find a foothold and […]

Best Running/Walking Shoes for Beginners

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Walking running shoes for beginners It is a myth that one can only cultivate “real” exercise by running. In fact, there are incredibly great results to be gained by racewalking and perfectly normal again. That is why a number of the world’s leading footwear producers developed a type of shoe, which is specially designed in […]