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Looks That to See Them Want to Copy Them

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There are moments in life when you come across some girl and modern loft style that follows. It has a special aura that makes it inevitable the look at her, and if you agudizas more the look you give account that his clothes could be within your wardrobe. Converse, skinny, flared jeans … Yes, they are very views and perhaps are we full of trend. But it is the grace of them: we are years and years. (more…)

Are You a Female or Male Day? Never Mind! The Style Will Be Your Shadow…

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There are days in which want more clothes-wearing ‘ male ‘ and there are days that we are 110% female. So what? What’s the matter? Whatever your tastes that day there is one thing that you should never leave aside: our beloved style. And these girls that we showed you today does not leave him or for all the gold in the world. And is that once it is … do not leave escape! It is the greatest treasure that the money can buy. So with masculine or feminine outfits, you win equal. Do you want to know how? (more…)

Do You Follow Trends or You’Re Anti Trends?

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There are two ways of approaching the world fashion and trends: follow the foot juntillas or observe them from afar and opt for items that most favor us, like us and are more our style, ignoring the dictates of magazines. Many times we find ourselves in a balanced compromise, but there are times that the […]

Shopping Keys: Touches Feet with More Cute Sandals Look of The Season

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Already have you become to the idea that there is nothing left to show off your bare feet? The Sandals they are the first garments that we welcome in our summer wardrobe. So book a good pedicure, exfoliate your feet and prepare them to show after all winter hidden under socks and boots. Don’t forget […]

Slide Sandals: a Very Strong Trend This Season

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Slide sandals, as their name implies, are easy to slip your foot sandals. They have open heel and tip, for allow it maximum ease when donning and removing. They come in a variety of styles that range from high-heeled Sandals by floor, this multiplicity of options is what makes this trend to return each season.

Men’s Dockside Shoes

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The Dockside Shoe Is A Newer Model Of The moccasin. Speaking In A Very Simple, It Is A Moccasin With More Expensive. Many People Know Him As “Moccasins With Laces”. So with the men’s loafer, the dockside suffered a lot of prejudice for years, but came with everything in fashion, especially in warmer weather. By having a sleek, but […]

Men’s Casual Shoes: Some Tips For Choosing The Best

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From casual shoes for men, and through boots, sandals and footwear, to the most comfortable high heel shoes for women, you will find the best options; And in this blog, some tips to choose the ideal shoes for all type of occasion.

Taking Care of Shoes

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We love our shoes-no matter whether they are ballerinas, sneakers, pumps, ankle boots,slippers or sandals. We do not want to miss it, so it is important that our favorite pieces regularly receive the best care. However, how do you know how this looks?

Tips for Choosing Winter Shoes

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For days now, winter and low temperatures have put our defenses to the test, and above all our imagination. Every morning we must think about what kind of footwear we should wear so that our feet do not end up in ice, or to avoid slipping with snow and ice. 

How to Care for Suede Shoes?

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Suede is possibly the most delicate care for in a pair of shoes, material because of itself is a texture that attracts stains and that when this occurs it is virtually impossible to get rid of them, this is compounded by being in place possibly more problematic Assembly and therefore more exposed to stains. Yet […]

3 Shoes for All Your Days

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Fashion is a go and come from styles. Constantly changes and evolves. Flexi is characterized by its models of footwear of Vanguard which can be combined with items that we use every day. Today we recommend three models of shoes of Lady as the best option for this season. If you want to take a […]

3 Shoes You Have to Take to the Beach

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The spring is here and most of you will be planning your next trip to the beach. While some think of what swimsuit use and model under the Sun, few others give importance to shoes. But, in fact, in addition to the beachwear footwear also requires careful consideration; keep in mind that it is very […]

Snow Shoes

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The winter is coming and to be able to continue enjoying our breaks contact to nature, we should bear in mind that a simple stroll in these wintry conditions, could become a struggle and an unnecessary effort, if we do not take our rackets. It is the form more easily and efficiently, to advance in the Virgin […]

Prints Arrive At Platforms Flexi

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If you like fashion patterned shoes, let me tell you that you are in the right place. In our online catalogue we have different styles of platforms with delicate prints which are here to stay. Keep reading that we will show you some.

Sneakers: Between a Sporty and Casual Shoe

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The question about whether the sneakers, a very popular footwear, are rated between a casual or sporty shoe has arisen in the minds of many supporters of this footwear.

Shorts + High Boots for The Spring? They Note That It’s Festival Time

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We are in the season of music festivals and many trends that are beginning to see only understood in this context that seems to transform some locker room as if they had to change their style when it comes to leaving festi. There is a style that does not fail in an appointment as well, […]

Sailing Shoes – You Can Wear That Yet?

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At some point, I had Seglelschuhe. The model of timberland with the extra stuffiness. Because I studied law, nor any other neat polo shirt area but, the leather treads were not observed, rather well despised. While that is actually nonsense. My best friend studied business administration and no, she would never touch this kind of […]

Chloe Fall 2011 – Strip, New Romanticism, A Few Snakes And The 70s

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Sometimes the catwalk fever grabs me. I then sit and let images of past fashion weeks lull me, take me in a dream land of colors, cuts and fabrics. Chloe has me so far for some reason by the cloth gone – here so a „ obituary “. Hippieske trains and the need for a […]

NYFW15 Outfits: It’s Time for Daisies

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My last day in New York has arrived and somehow it feels like, when I would leave this city for weeks although I was really only 8 days here. But there were intensive 8 days in which I experienced incredibly learned a lot, and of course have shootings. Now that it’s almost over, I’m a […]

Converse All Star: Versatile, Modern and Eternal School Shoes

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Just follow a blog that everyone has kind of realize that I am a supporter and defender of tennis.Here they appeared already showing how to use at work , as comfort and style option for day-to-day, how to use tennis in the summer, and recalling the famous Adidas Superstar. But the same classic that never dies (and never leaves my feet) […]