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What It Carries: Dresses Balloon

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This is one of those trends that do not benefit us all alike. Balloon-type volume is quite treacherous, seems to play in our favor, but can become our worst enemy; It seems to cover, but it tends to widen; It seems that it conceals, but the optical effect can be precisely contrary to that we seek; and it is that you items, the more stuck to the skin, most conform to reality. (more…)

Look of The Day: Nu Rave

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The movement of the moment, both in music and in fashion, is called: Nu rave. From the field of music, was a term that was coined, especially during the last year with groups such as Klaxons and the like, but that as quickly as it came, you have forgotten, a term that only has some reminiscences. But in the field of fashion, the Nu rave is more than present. (more…)

Fashion Sailor

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does anyone think otherwise? If you haven’t set well open your eyes, because the seaside fashion is more IN than ever. Stripes, stripes and more stripes… point, capes of fisherman, wool, hats, etc…. The runways have seen it and that way. The clearest have been Dolce & Gabbana (picture at right), with an absorbent marina […]

Trends Spring 2007

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After seeing the collections presented to the next Spring 2007 by different designers, we can make a small summary of what will be next year. New York, London, Milan and Paris they have given us a general idea of the next trends:

In & out of This Autumn

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And we are still talking about trends for this fall. At this rate, what we don’t know already? And is that you reading I found this curious collection of IN & OUTs for this autumn’s Kiss Me Stace and I found more than interesting to write them. No to cuts, what do you think? Are […]

Men’s Fashion

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The renewal of men’s fashion It is a phenomenon that has set the fashion world in recent years. Now passes through a State of Update in an industry that has always been very conservative. The main protagonist is undoubtedly, Hedi Slimane, a guru in all aspects of fashion. In this way trend and fashion for […]

Men’s Fashion Of The 50s And 60s Years

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In  the 50s, after the dark years of the war, the youth took over at the, what was in fashion, music and lifestyle. For the first time in the history of not just took over the sprouts, the style and the way of life of their parents, but returned to by depends and invented their own […]

Something Old and a Little of PVC

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After watching as the dress of Givenchy What Audrey Hepburn Pike in film Breakfast at Tiffany’s (frankly I like more the original, this title but the film line) will be auctioned off in December with a starting price of 130 thousand dollars,It is no wonder that designers of the likes of Alexander McQueens give rein […]

Trends Autumn 2006 for Her

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Let’s examine a bit what comes next fall. Grey jeansGrey is the new blue. At least when we are talking about jeans. Grey is the next trend in jeans and any kind of gray will be valid. As announced some time, another trend this fall is the death of the drainpipe trousers. It is a […]

The Navy Look, The Stripes Are

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Fashion sailor, all for the stripe, so this Navy Look. As we can see in these two pieces of H & M, stripes, vertical or horizontal, no matter as they are, are the protagonists. In addition, not only in t-shirts, also in dresses, blouses, skirts, and all kinds of accessories, from belts to handbags and, […]


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They say that the Bread & Butter, has not ceased to be a mass market, in which all seen earlier, and that of alternative, had little more than the publicity gimmick. But as well in the world, still nowadays you can find little things daring and fun, as much I like, which remind us that […]

Goodbye to The Skinny Boyfriend Jeans

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Goodbye to jeans skinny, thank goodness. To my personally retro I love, but the cigarette pants is something with which I can not (well, I have to say that to the supermodels have left very well, but of course, not all are supermodels).

UEG, Usa E Getta

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Has never been so cool to show that we believe in something USA e Getta, something as well as usa and strip, is the Italian expression for American Use and Throw away. This is the battle cry of the Polish brand UEG.


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If yesterday showed you what clothes to disposable, today I commented otherwise, use what others throw as clothing. It is the case of the shop NY Artificial, the original store Designer Alex Guzmán opened for 3 months in the capital of New York, and that helps us to start talking about a new term, the […]

Ladies Dresses in the Spring

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The theme of today I’m going to offer below is dresses in spring that are beautiful and modern designs that highlight the beauty of each woman, so it is a kind of dress in particular and let them choose which left them better, but nevertheless the choice of these dresses will be to your taste […]

Parties Long For Plus Size Dresses

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A prom dress must always be available for any woman, in this case we have to demonstrate that the plus size women are also beautiful and elegant in any aspect, a dress always captivates any woman and also long dress for parties always gives beauty to the woman with a few pounds of more. We offer […]

How Dress For a Wedding on the Beach

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Dress up perfectly for a wedding or marriage is a little difficult, and even more so when it is not in a classic place. So I show how to dress for a wedding which will take place on the beach, so don’t hesitate, nor for a moment about what you’ll put so you look beautiful […]

Cocktail Dresses For Weddings

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Cocktail dresses for weddings No is the same go to an event that takes place in the day to a night event. If you are invited to a wedding, cocktail, formal meal or a presentation that is carried out in the morning or in the afternoon, don’t need to go put a dress with a […]

Enchanted: Free People Catalogue for April

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It’s almost a ritual to the end or the beginning of each new month: look for the latest campaign photos, catalogs or look books. And a store that is at least no longer let me go since Jane Wayne’s Geburtststunde, is free people. Every month on’s new I delight in the images of the Lookbook, […]

Red Prom Dresses

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If you want to be the center of attention at any party or event to which go, then a great strategy is to wear a red dress. It is true that not all the girls have the self-confidence to use a very bold color like this, but don’t fret, if you do well look like […]