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These Looks Are Cool Because They Know Them

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There are looks that you see them and you think: jo! How I they like!. Although you know that never will serve as source of inspiration, as it is not your roll for nothing and never would have value to leave to this guise Street. Or, simply do not you feel comfortable with a blazer or some sneakers. And is that the well the world blogger that the variety of styles that one can find by clicking from home. If you have a trash day going to a page, if you have a cool day to another, and if you simply want to go Super death to work, you go to another blog. This is the greatness of the internet, and today we do a review of very different looks but they are cool they know to defend them. (more…)

If The Heat Does Not Come, Rejoice Our Face and Our Clothes as Them!

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No, it does not. It is as far away as Russia and while there. In recent years in which the winter becomes longer than ever, the Spring does not exist and we went in the summer there are to change the fashion codes. Yes the Spring It does to us, we come to the spring. (more…)

Outfits to Say Would Pardon? and Run Away…

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No, here does not pass. It is that sometimes the bloggers are passed with according to what outfits, but could pass as outfit of Carrie Bradshaw. And knowing that never would put it you to go out you like what you see. But there are times that are passed and rubbing the tacky bowling barrier, […]

Thinking about Spring? These Looks Remind Us What Is Coming

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What feel like I have that now comes the heat! And is dressed (sometimes) go as an onion with layers and layers and that all of them fit me tired. I want to live in a constant summer with some variation in temperature, but already. That is why that when I see a look that […]

Because Our Beloved Russian Also Dress from H & M

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If anything characterises to the Russian mafia who attends parades, best known for Miroslava Duma, Ulyanna Sergeenko, Natasha Goldenberg and Elena Perminova, is his love for the pret-a-Porter and Couture Collections. But from time to time, are bundled the blanket to the head and opt for garments with more reasonable prices.. Miroslava Duma has been […]

They Have It Clear: Masculine Pantsuit for The Most Female Outfits

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If you want to catch ideas (risky) for your single day ago missing that you centres all your attention to the street style of the Fashion Weeks. There the girls by the time it presents cool although of the boldest proposals. Although there are always some that irrigation you leave it in the hotel room. […]

Issue of Ninja Gestures That It Arranged or Escacharran (The Look, Claro)

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By the posture you will know the blogger. There are bloggers Ninja whose gestures have become a manual of how pose without going unnoticed in the attempt and the others, which Flock, not all but many, goes back. Oh how many postural woes!

No Complications! The Street Us Shows Fantastic Looks with Little

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Not you ever happened that you look at and remiras a look and can’t find What is special? So if you diseccionas all of you also you can wear it same with clothes from your closet, However no has occurred you combine it previously afraid to look like sosa. As well, these girls not get […]

“Dreaming about Spring Time”… What Warranty (Bloggers) Hear

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For once I am in a State of ni fu ni fa before the arrival of the spring. I am so busy I have no time to think about the scratch that falls or chachi outfit to me. But there are bloggers, who does not live in Brazil, but will advance and show their fervent […]

The Latest Obsession of The Street Style Is… Do Bart Simpson?

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Few days ago I have been noticing on blogs a rather rare trend. The bloggers do not bet on the striped or patterned chess, as it might be normal to having the account printed summer that lies ahead and that the shops are already full of them, they prefer to proudly wear the face of […]

Duel of Style on The Street (Very Chic): Spain Vs Rest of The World

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Style is or is not and sometimes with a simple plug-in or hairstyle shown. It seems that the place in which live also determines how to dress. After contemplating how clothes it’s season already look in the most stylish bloggers, today travel world, above and beyond, and look for the most chic Street style and […]

Let’s Start The Week with Much Style: Top 10 Outfits!

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We’re a Monday and we want to start the week with much style. And to do this we show looks (based on) different trends) so that you choose the one you like most go with your style and become itself. And if we have to name someone who understands everyday style that is Hevdig Opshaug: […]

Suitable Only for Daring. The Yellow Lima Conquers The Streets

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Do you dare! Of times that you’ve heard this in the mouth of a friend yours, family member, or simply your voice of consciousness. But it is not easy to go out with a colorful clothing If your personality is that wants to go unnoticed. And less with a so showy color as Green lime. […]

If You Could Choose, with That Closet Blogger International Tea Would Choose?

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Whenever I walk through the bloggesfera (national and international) term with the same thought: I want to her wardrobe. And one of my games before going to sleep is to have that choose one of the cabinets These girls so to fashion and known. With me what would be? Tuula daring garments like me but […]

Cheap & Chic: The Save Is a Way of Life

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As if philosophy were the look Cheap & Chic It takes. And we do not mean the Moschino signature, which only has the name of low-cost. We refer to those bloggers who are committed by the economic fashion accessible to all of us, outfits. For that go to fashion does not spend money or breaking […]

From Feline to Homies, Zara Is Joining The Trend of Modification of Logos

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Hated by a large group, revered by other broad sector, logos have been the day of maisons like Chanel or Louis Vuitton, whose hegemony has managed to sneak into the cabinets of thousands and thousands of lucky people around the world. But for little more than one season this has changed thanks to the subversion […]

Trends Low Cost Autumn/Winter 2013 / 2014: a Cheatings for Your Day to Day

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Silk and lace dress with thin straps. After this description, the majority of women relate to her a cheatings, a Nightgown sleepwear or sexy lingerie. Nothing further from reality, and is that as we advanced fellow of fashion, Nightgowns are to take to the streets. And this trend low cost Autumn/winter 2013 / 2014 We […]

Trends Autumn/Winter 2013 / 2014: in The Mood for Blue

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This fall I’m going crazy with the blue. A blue bag is infatuated me just start of the season (which by the way, I have the of Zara), but is that I’m still In the Mood for Blue, i.e., with many, looking forward to blue. And walkways in your trends autumn/winter 2013 / 2014 They […]

Trousers with Front Cuts Will Be The Most. Come on Everyone!

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Since a few months ago my colleague Fashion intern announced that the new trend in pants was to carry a front cut, they are more and more girls I see that look this type of garment. And the truth is that I like: a cut in the bass of the pants always helps with according […]

A Detail Sexy Showing Little? This Summer Uncovers Your Shoulders

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There is something I always liked show in summer: the shoulders. What happens is that not every summer I get it, because not all seasons shirts with the fombros in the air are in fashion. But this summer this feeling comes up to see the blog of Jessica Stein (Tuula) and seeing the instagram of […]