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Different Types of Men’s Scarves

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It is always located to wrap some cloth around the neck …

It asks a man to count up all male accessories available so the list becomes probably very short. The usual answers are: ” Hmm, watch, engagement ring and ehhhh belt? “, Which is understandable, for the talk not so much about male accessories. Pray to the same man enumerate feminine accessories, well, the list becomes long, ranging from earrings to rings, hair clips and scarves … But wait, scarf’s not a kvinlig accessory, it is 100% unisex, just like the watch and bracelet.


Kelly Moore-Photo Bag x Handbag

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Who is engaged in professional photography, not get around buying a SLR camera. Fast then also change lenses, filters, and a whole lot of other stuff accumulate, which you have to carry to events or when traveling.

While it previously had the choice between “I cant that simply everything in my normal hand bag-is always fade” or a ugly or total ugly professional photo bag, we have now discovered the Kelly Moore camera bags which combine the functionality of a professional camera bag in the Innneren with the design of a normal hand bag, and immediately slammed.


Best Backpack for Back to School

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Going to make you, the return to school is fast approaching. Whether you are planning your school or your children, he began to be time to shop some items to school to avoid being caught with the remaining. One of the most essential things in my opinion still remains a great backpack. It’s the kind of thing which […]

The Backpack, the Best Friend of Man

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The backpack is the must-have accessory of the new collections for men Three pieces of skin in the form of backpack, Louis Vuitton spring-summer 2014 The Junya Watanabe show last weekend in Paris made the alarm: complement par excellence of his collection was none other than the rucksack, appearing in practically every one of the […]

How to Identify Real Coach Handbags

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The company that manufactures handbags Coach was founded in 1941 in New York. Originally designed to be the same quality as a baseball glove, the Coach is known for your flexible workforce, also for your leather and your stitching. Their handbags and other luxury products are sold around the world, the headquarters of the bus […]

The New Length of The Pants

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After years dragging trousers, or leaving the ground floor of the skinny taparan heels or apretujaran at ankle height, gradually the bass of pants are going shorter. Thus we can show off those errant jewels which are the shoes.

Style of Principles of 80s for Boys

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Browsing the Web I found these photos in the New York Times and a style has seemed so cool for the guys who I’ve could not resist to show you it. Reminds me of style Nu rave that spoke to us Montag recently, although this is something more elegant. Instead of going at the disco […]

Store Resurrection: Vintage Fashion Finds

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The ability to find fashion finds in his hometown Linares, all his friends, motivated Estefania Bastidas to create Store resurrection, a space where the vintage is synonymous with rescue, resignification and style. We know its history.

11 Keys of Elegance: Special Accessories

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A good wardrobe It is important, but over time you have learned that the real importance is to have a good pair of shoes. We need tor aderstand the differences between a man with style and one Ultra slim. In the field of the men they have nothing to do the accessories that women love; […]

Leather Backpacks Deluxe

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As you may have already noticed features, leather backpacks have become the bag IT’s time, and thus the catwalks for autumn winter 2016 and the latest collections of fashion firms, have shown it including Fendi stands out above the rest. They are all a must have both for man and for woman, and this has […]

Cycling Gloves

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They are not a must-have accessory to ride a bike, but in the majority of cases will bring to your performance in driving. Benefits Protect from cold weather They allow greater grip to handle and help control brakes and changes They deliver added protection to your hands, avoiding blisters or calluses In the event of […]

Very Animal Bags

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Within the fashion world, and more specifically within the female, this section of the bags. This season We return to the jungle the hand of the skins. The Top 3 within the skins of animals for this season are: Leopard (more groundbreaking), Tiger y Zebra.

Sunglasses Diesel

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Sunglasses are one of the most important fashion accessories of this season and are left to lead by color, proportions and materials trends. So if you are thinking about change of glasses and the ultimate look this summer, in Jezebel, you will find wood, brand sunglasses Diesel, appreciable in the image.

Inside Fashion – Berlin Fashion Week Events 2015

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In less than two weeks, it’s happening again: Berlin fashion week opens its doors and in the capital the topic of fashion and beauty revolves around for a whole week again. Also in this season – from July 6 to 10 the designers present their collections for spring/summer 2016 – a majority of the shows […]

Pitti Uomo 84 – Isaia Napoli Spring 2014

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Next booth from the Pitti Uomo fair that we got stuck extra for the Neapolitan Isaia. With a colorful expression, daring designs and construction of world class, it is easy to be inspired by this charming Italians.

New Year Inspiration

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So here at the finish of the year 2013 we would like to give you some inspiration for the Le Grande Finale, New Year’s Eve. There is something special about this night when the common man will dress up and toasting in champagne. We can not guarantee that the party will be the most fun […]

A Summary of My 2013

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Normally, we try our texts and the inspiration we give you here at our site to be neutral and not too personal in taste and style. To some extent it will naturally subjective, because we choose what is published. Today, however, the idea that in a little more personal way to look back at the […]

Best of Pitti Uomo 86 – Isaia Napoli

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Next brand in the series “Best of Pitti Uomo 86” is Neapolitan Isaia. A mark with loose ties to Eidos Napoli who started the series. As usual presents Isaia much color, designs and impeccable craftsmanship. Few if any brand Isaia trumps when it comes to the fair stands, where the invited visitors are greeted by […]

Lardini Autumn 2013

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One of Italy’s top fashion brands within the jacket and suit the segment is Lardini. The company produced long jackets for large parts of the industry, and brands such as Burberry and Dolce Gabbana. A few years ago they chose, like many others trying to strengthen its own brand and has been the least successful […]

Razer Nabu X Smartband

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For some time Razer, the company’s gaming machines and accessories, is on the market for smart bracelets. They presented several devices with fitness opportunities – Nabu Watch, bracelet Nabu, as well as its smaller brother the X Nabu the Razer. That it will look in more detail today in the current review.