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Men’s Retro Jeans

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POSTED IN MÓDA – FASHION STYLE Because we fashion RETRO JEANS close and we love it, I would this time also focused on menswear collection, about which we have not yet written. We always took pics of women rather things, but the men are just as amazing! It would be a shame not to show it. 🙂 Just […]

Katie Holmes e la Salopette Jeans

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Properly indoctrinated by her friend Victoria Beckham, undisputed queen of the fashionistas of all time, Katie Holmes seems to have taken the golden path of fashion like a fairy tale. Every step a dream accessory, a handbag inaccessible to ordinary mortals and stilosissimi clothes, so that fashion seemed to have gone to his head.

Pants Jeans for Women

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Jeans jeas for women are the wildcard garment par excellence in the wardrobe, both men and women, but now you show the best models of jeans for women. There are different styles and models with fully female and juvenile designs that you can get the style you want. Jeans pants are special for a casual, […]

How to Choose the Right Jean for a Woman

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Learn how to choose the right Jean for a woman. In every woman’s closet should not miss the jeans, they are an essential piece. Shopping malls can be found plenty of models, such as: flared, hip, skinny, semicadera, etc. and which are fashionable today are the jeans at the waist. But, it is a bit […]

The 11 Essential Bottoms of Maternity

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They’re here the summer sales and is the time to buy those clothes we need or some other whim. In Asos Maternity find the most modern, current market and affordable maternity clothes, yes everything is sold through its online store. If something does not suit you, you can always return or exchange. Here we tell you what are the 11 essential that you […]

Street Style Boyfriend Jeans

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Casual and comfortable is the section of the boyfriend jeans. Here you get a few styling tips.   What distinguishes the boyfriend jeans? A pair of boyfriend jeans expected, as the name suggests, in such a way as if it came straight from the wardrobe of the loved one. So you sit a little looser […]

How to Look Fashion with Capri Jeans

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Capri Jeans or 7/8 Jeans: Where is the difference? The difference between Capri Jeans and 7/8 Jeans make a few centimeters, because the two models do not mean the same thing. Capris have a 3/4-length and ends thus just below the knee. Jeans 7/8 length end just above the ankle or below the calf. So […]

Find the Perfect Maxi Skirt for Your Maternity

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What is maxi skirt? A maxi skirt combines the glamorous feature with the mundane appearance, and achieves a harmonious balance, which can be worn in a multitude of situations. You may say that the maxi skirt is a blend of a traditional long dress and a skirt. It is like a skirt at the hip, […]

Loose Fit Jeans for Women

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Most women own some pair of jeans. Jeans are well beloved for their great versatility and longevity. It can actually be difficult to take the life of a pair of jeans! Loose fit jeans will not cling to the body, instead of staying slightly relaxed. They bring you a more raw and typical casual style […]

Highlight Your Pregnancy with a Cute Balloon Skirt

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A balloon skirt gives your attire a maternity and sparkly look. A balloon skirt is an unusual skirt design that bubbles out, and can be a great addition to your wardrobe. This wonderful skirt can give any outfit a fresh boost. The upper part of balloon skirt is always made with elastic waistband of a […]

How to Wear Linen Pants for Plus Size Ladies

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If you want to buy some new pants, you should notice the type of fabric makes all the difference. The plus size pants made with soft materials in stylish silhouettes will provide you with both elegance and comfort. Linen trousers are especially suitable for business or formal occasions, but not proper for casual occasions like […]

Maternity Sports Skirts

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Sports skirts are a great choice for those who are in pregnant. Now you will no longer need to compromise with your trendy style when you are in pregnant. These summer skirts are both practical and stylish at the same time, so you can do pretty much whatever you want during your day. For example, […]